OLED TV: is it time?




Prices aren’t listed - shipping +$100 @Ex-SWoo if you do call let us know what the price is for the B7A :)

Looks like the New Egg Flash deal is dead, so I no longer need to ponder about that possibility… the reasons that @Enidigm and @stusser pointed out were exactly what was bothering me.


If you’re talking about Cleveland AV, that’s because his prices are well below MSRP (maybe MAP?). Call or write him, and he’ll let you know what the price is with no runaround or bait and switch nonsense.


I sent out an e-mail asking for details - I’ll report back when I get a response. :)




I just finalized a purchase with Cleveland AV - $1500 flat all in, no salestax/shipping fee


55", I assume?


Now THAT would be a crazy awesome price :)
So same price at Cleaveland AV as at Beach Camera.


Yep - I was quoted 4 prices for different 55’’ models for reference:

OLED55B7A = $1500
OLED55C7P = $1750
OLED55E7P = $1800
XBR-55A1E = $2600

Edit: I just realized I also have the 65’’ prices quoted:

OLED65B7A = $2175,
OLED65C7P = $2550,
OLED65E7P = $2750,
OLED65G7P = $3300,
OLED65W7P = $5800
XBR-65A1E = $3400


SONY isn’t even trying to compete in terms of price. :(


Wow, the 55" E is only $50 more than the C? Seems like a no-brainer if you don’t have your own surround set up.


A bit surprised they didn’t go a little below the $1,500 for the B7A as that’s pretty much the going price across the whole market. There most likely isn’t much left for markup after LG made the price drop announcement.


You folks might want to check out the more recent posts in this thread over at AVS: 2017 LG OLED Deals.

I tend to stay out of it so that I don’t beat myself up for buying before some of the bigger drops. Although, I’ve had mine since June and only paid $350 more for my 65" C7 than the quote Ex-SWoo got (before price protection).


I wonder why Cleveland AV isn’t an authorized reseller
(show in the list as Cleveland Plasma)


There’s been some discussion of this over at AVS, and, really, I don’t think there’s ever been a clear reason identified. Oversight? Infraction? Who knows? He was on the list until last year, apparently.

However, he is very well-known and respected at AVS and has been for quite a while. And, despite some confusion on this point, LG will honor its warranty whether you buy it from an authorized reseller or not.

Everyone is comfortable with different things, but I had a mostly positive experience with him (there was seemingly some miscommunication on the timing of the shipping; it came sooner than I wanted it to (!)). Lots of other folks over at AVS have had good experiences with him, too, and his prices are very competitive. However, there are basically no returns other than for defects or damage that crop up during or right after shipping. After that, you have to go to LG (or a Costco SquareTrade warranty if you pony up another $90). Best Buy is an order of magnitude easier to deal with in that regard, but you don’t get as good a price on the set.

Everything’s a trade off. :)


Thanks @JustinFletcher I was checking around on the forum there and it looked to be a lot of random discussion about it but no definitive reason as to what caused it. Most places even stores like BB/Target/ETC would rather you go through the MFG instead of bringing it back, as they don’t want to potentially lose the sale.


No, there are PQ improvements in the 2017 panels. They are much less significant than the differences between previous years, however the only reason you should choose a 2016 model over a 2017 one is that you want 3D capabilities, which the higher end 2016 models have.

The 2017 models all have the same PQ though. The 2016 ones vary a bit by model, with the E and G series having some improvements over the B and C series (aside from soundbar differences and no 3D in B series and C series being curved in 2016 models).


Yeah, I bet that’s the case. I also think that’s the reason LG made its “Game Mode” HDR much dimmer, to the chagrin of most gamers, who preferred the original iteration of HDR Game Mode. But that change may have been to prevent burn-in.


I’ve been HDR gaming in the Technicolour preset since it was released. Looks gorgeous and the input lag feels fine. But I’m not doing competitive multiplayer.


I’ve been using this Reddit poster’s settings as a baseline, as he basically messed around with suggestions from Rtings and various AVSForum threads. He suggest Game Mode for both SDR/HDR gaming, Technicolor Expert for SDR and HDR10 movies/tv/streaming, and Cinema Home for Dolby Vision.

Looks good to me so far. Maybe I’ll try gaming on Technicolor Expert.