OLED TV: is it time?


I am glad I don’t have $1500 to spend or I’d buy one also. :p


You’ll want to turn off Energy Saving as well, most likely, though if you’re fine with the brightness maybe not.


so what’s ABL? So mine arrived today… hooked it all up… it does look amazing. Although at times it looks a bit too dark and on the flip side, a bit too bright. I definitely need to tweak the settings. If anyone knows of a link to a good list of suggested settings, I’d appreciate it!

Ok ABL - Automatic Brightness Limiter — not sure if I noticed it yet. I do notice the picture gives a lot more of a cool white look vs the warm white look of the plasma. I want to change those settings, as right now it feels as if the color is a bit harsh.


Most of the presets use a too-cold (ie blue) colour temperature, because that’s what many people are used to. Try the Technicolour preset, or in HDR Cinema Home, for a while and see how you like it


I’ve noticed that when using the YouTube app the picture will often be overbrightened, to the point that lighter scene elements completely white out. Not sure if there’s anything I can do about that.


There’s a known issue with Youtube HDR in the current firmware, though I’m not aware of anything wrong in SDR. The HDR issue is fixed in the latest firmware on the website, but it’s not available OTA yet.

Bear in mind, each input uses its own version of the picture settings, so make sure you have them set how you like it from within the app.


Grabbed the costco oled65b7p over the weekend on Friday. Cashier said he thought they were going to sell out of their stock.

Was initially disappointed, then I discovered that I was only getting 1080p with no hdr. Once I got that fixed,holy smokes!

Wolfenstein 2 looks amazing and I’m looking forward to gears 4,destiny 2 and the witcher when they are all enhanced.

Did the Netflix 4k upgrade, but I don’t think there’s enough content to warrant the 40% premium, so I’ll probably go back to regular and just use amazon prime for their 4k stuff.


Do you just happen to have a car/truck big enough to put the TV in? There’s no way I could buy one of these things at the store to drive home as it wouldn’t fit in the doors of my car.

I’m still really curious to see a proper 4K movie on a 4K TV set. I have a nice 55" 1080p LCD still and just watched the ordinary Blu-ray of Spider-Man: Homecoming tonight. I honestly couldn’t imagine an even crisper image showing up on a TV of that size since the movie already looked so good.

HDR, sure, but higher resolution? Still not convinced. Equally true with games I’ve played on my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X which downscale 4k content to 1080p.


It fit in the back of the medium SUV with the back seats down. I did have to move the front seats up just a hair to get the hatchback to close.

But when I bought the 50" plasma 10 years ago, I did need to use a lifeline and call a friend :)

Other bonus, it is so much lighter than the plasma that I can wrestle it around by myself for small moves, though I did grab a neighbor to get it down the stairs.


It does make a difference, but there are people who swear that 720p is no different than 1080p either, and will scream about viewing distances when you call them on it.

When i bought a 720p display 10 years ago i almost immediately sold it and picked up a 1080p because it was so apparent it was inferior. 4K is a further refinement that is totally unnecessary… but 1080p is also unnecessary to a certain group of people as well.

I think of it like bed mattresses or office chairs; you’re either that guy that doesn’t care or notice, or you are. There are some guys that you could feed Michelin level food to and they wouldn’t be able to tell a difference between that and some frozen dollar special fettuccine. There’s probably some old guy clinging on to his CRT somewhere, watching free TV on his old 8’ diameter satellite dish, saying we’re all fools.


newegg deal tv arrived. seems okay so far, no sketchiness detected. looks good. haven’t gotten a chance to put it through its paces. remote seems awesome: let’s you do pointing on an onscreen keyboard so you can type stuff in.


There’s a microphone as well, so you can just do voice search. If you trust LG to listen to you all the time.


Oh, I definitely trust them to listen to me all the time!


I should have stepped back a little bit more. but anyways here we are.




Ah, the famous OLED helmet tech.


Where’s Dark Helmet when you really need him (to test the blacks ;))


He’d only get jam on the screen.


Just watched the War For The Planet Of The Apes UHD Blu-Ray. Wowee, that film is made for 4K OLED. Loads of high contrast scenes, lots of night time, lots of fur detail, sparks and sun/torch flare.


Is there any place that rents the UHD Blu-Rays? I don’t want to own a bunch of discs, necessarily…


US, no idea. The place I get them from in the UK claims to, but I’ve yet to receive one from them, so I don’t know what availability is like. Curse my bad movie habit.