OLED TV: is it time?


And by freesync do you mean the new HDMI variable frame rate feature or actually freesync?

I was looking into VFR vs Freesync vs Gsync and the one point I was interested in was ULMB, for Ultra Low Motion Blur, which is Nvidia’s term for strobing the blacklight to remove motion blur. Which OLED shouldn’t need since it doesn’t have backlight as pointed out above. However the case is more complicated than that sadly, so basically we are just going to have to wait for reviews.


I was referring to the HDMI 2.1 feature, as consoles don’t have displayport ports.


Figured, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some new initiative to get freesync on TVs. I am in the same boat, no new TVs or monitors until I can get VFR. I am just expecting Nvidia to fold and support it, which may or may not be realistic.


I’ve been hoping Nvidia would support VESA adaptive refresh (=freesync) for years now, yeah. They’re still holding out for gsync.

Maybe it’ll come on the next-generation ShieldTV and Nintendo Switch, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for their GPUs.


Now I’m torn between waiting for the '18 LG sets, or the buying a discounted E7P – now on Massdrop for $1700 (55) / $2600 (65).


I’ve seen better prices than that recently and, with the Super Bowl coming up, I’d expect to see them again. You might want to keep an eye out here and here.


This is tempting, but I’ve got a recent-ish 4K/HDR screen (Vizio M50-D1) and I’m not spending over $1k on a TV. I’ve seen & used OLED screens. My parents got one a few months back, and they’re great, but not that great, to warrant the current prices.

What I want to know is…

Is there a decent HDMI port expander that supports HDMI 2.x so HDR works through all devices, and actually plays nicely with a universal remote?

That’s my biggest beef with current TV is that it only has a single HDMI port that supports HDR and it also happens to be the only ARC HDMI input.


Think they had the 65 B7a for 2199 the other day


Have you considered getting an AVR instead?


Looks like there may be a deal going on at BuyDig: 65" C7 for $2,149. Details at SlickDeals.

My TV was from them (via a reseller), and it was just fine.


I bought this one - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N7T40OJ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Though I only needed it for the [email protected] capabilities. It works great and my Harmony setup controls it just fine.


The Verge is saying the 65" C7P will be $1800 at B&H at 6:15PM today. I’m dubious, since it’s already listed as $1800 off, and they probably just missed that. But if it’s really $1800 that’s an instant buy.

In non-OLED news, Best Buy has a bunch of TVs at 25% off, and if you have a chase credit card you can get 10% off that using Chase Pay. I might pick up a 50" LCD TV with built-in Roku for $243 for my bedroom. Insane how cheap these things are today.


Whatever its other merits, Altered Carbon looks insane on these sets.


Can’t wait to watch it! Mindhunter also looks incredibly good.




Only “Super HD” (enhanced 1080p), not 4k.


It’s real 4K.


Not according to netflix:


What are you trying to watch it on? Shows up as 4K Dolby Vision on 4K Apple TV.


That was my computer. Haven’t tried the xbox one x (what I usually use on the 65" LG).