OLED TV: is it time?


It’s 4K Dolby Vision on both my LG OLED’s built-in Netflix player and on my Apple TV 4K. On Xbox One X, it will be 4K with HDR10 instead of Dolby Vision.


Any current deals going on for the 2017 OLED models? Seems like with the 2018 models coming out soon, 2017 should be dropping in price pretty significantly.

And just to make my decision more difficult, any reviews yet on the 2018 models? I know that 2017 was a huge improvement over 2016 but haven’t heard yet how big a jump there is between 2017 and 2018.


You might consider waiting for the release of TVs with ATSC 3.0 tuners. That’s the standard for over the air 4k broadcasts and I think it was only approved last month. Some tv stations should be broadcasting 4k by next year.


Depends on what you mean by “deal”. The 65" 2017s have been hovering near the low $2,000s for a while (less if you choose the 7A instead of the 7P), which is a pretty big drop from where they were a year ago.

There’s this deal for $1899 for a 65" B7Afrom someplace named Greentoe, but at least one person on the thread says they called BuyDig to match. I’m not surprised, because, as I said, I think that’s pretty much the going rate.

The 55"s look to be somewhere in the low-to-mid teens.

All of which applies to online vendors, of course. Retail folks are still higher and still charge tax, but it’s a million zillion times easier to do a return should you need to.


Apparently Sony’s OLEDs this year (2018) will be significantly cheaper than they were last year, and more in line with LG’s pricing, but with better processing and the kinda cool area-sound projection. Still around $2800 for a 55 though.


So uhhhhh I might’ve just ordered the 65” b7

$1350 for 55” and $2000 for 65”


It’s a good thing I totally do not need a new TV, because that might be the only thing keeping my $1,350 in the bank. That is way more than I would pay for a TV, but not way, way more…


So what’s the deal with the price discrepancy on LG B7’s? I see that the price for the 65” is around $2200 at most reputable sites but then I’m seeing sites (that I don’t really recognize) with prices from $1200-$1600 for the 65”. Are these cheaper sites scams? Returned sets? What’s the deal here?


Might be refurbished, might just be deals. Make sure your comparisons are to the same model and that they are not different years (ie b6 or b8) and otherwise the same.


A lot appear to be scam sites from when I did my research before my purchase on AVSForums. The best thing to do (per AVSForums) is if you have a price-match credit card, is to get a more reputable site to price-match the questionable site(s). If not, stick with the reputable sites. I ended up just paying a bit more to get mine from Costco (with the 6 months Sling+HBO and upgraded Square Trade warranty).


That’s kind of what I figured. It sounds like the 2018 models aren’t really that much of an improvement over the 2017’s but I’ll probably still wait until BF to make the jump.


Also check to see whether you’re comparing a B7P to a B7A. I’ve never seen a 65" of either down that low, but there will be a price difference between the two.

And Black Friday could be too long to wait if you want to pick up a 2017 on the cheap. It’s likely that they will be out of stock by then. My research from a year ago showed that the best time to buy the previous year’s model was summer, with some great deals to be had in August if stock goes on that long.


Honestly, if you’re going to wait that long, you may want to wait until next year’s models are revealed next January, as HDMI 2.1 support will likely be a worthwhile feature for longevity.

Also agree with Justin - you’re going to have a hard time finding 2017 models in Nov 2018.


Less flashy than some, but I can confirm that A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night looks great on OLED. Now I want to watch some other modern/hi-res B&W films to see how they fare. I’m thinking The Man Who Wasn’t There, White Ribbon, and Control. Already watched Frances Ha, and Ida is in my queue. I’m sure Sin City looks great, but I can’t bring myself to watch it again. Any other ideas? Is The Artist the shitty Oscar-bait it looks to be, or actually good?


Wings of Desire?

Fury Road: Black & Chrome Edition?


That’s not a bad shout.


Schindler’s List


Feels a bit wrong to watch that film in this context. “Check out the infinite contrast on that genocide!”


Consider O Brother, Where Art Thou?. It’s not black and white, but it pairs Roger Deakins photography with a strongly desaturated frame digitally “warmed” into a sepia effect.


Probably 30% of the movies I watch on my OLED are B&W, although generally 720p but lots of 1080p. They fair well.