OLED TV: is it time?


Well, I’ve been watching a lot of noirs and screwball comedies. I don’t know whether it’s the resolution or the master, but they haven’t looked anything special. Certainly fine, but AGWHAN blew me away.


There are definitely good and bad HD versions of older films, and most of them don’t take full advantage of the medium, but there have been times when I’ve been blown away by an older black and white movie on bluray that completely transformed the film because of the pure blacks of the OLED and the crisp, clean picture.

Things like noirs and Val Lewton movies (like Cat People) that make good use of shadows are really enhanced -Touch of Evil by Welles is a great example. I don’t think you have a 3D OLED, but I was actually astonished by how some 3D black and white movies from the 50s looked - it completely transformed an otherwise crappy movie that I’d seen before “It Came From Outer Space” into a huge hit at my Halloween movie party. Creature from the Black Lagoon was also good for the same reason, but not quite as effective (despite being a better movie).

Other good modern movies to try: Logan would be one of the best, as well as Fury Road which was mentioned above. Also The Mist. Touch of Evil was more impressive to me than 4k Logan though.


@Desslock, what make/model/year TV do you have? I’m curious what OLED sets have 3d capability. Beyond OLED image quaility improvements, is the 3d tech itself improved compared to older 1080p sets?


They dropped 3D on the 7 series and later.


The 3D is much, much better, but as Ginger Yellow says, they dropped 3D after the 2016 models. A shame given how similar some of the other models in the line are that they don’t keep one with it.


Ah, I was hoping there was some model I hadn’t heard of. I wouldn’t use 3d all the time but the having the option is great, especially for PC games.


Avatar is reason alone for 3D television tech to still exist. Such a great 3D experience.


Turns out Ida isn’t much more appropriate on this front. Powerful film though.


It is a great 3D experience, but such an awful movie that I don’t own it. Did borrow it, heh. There are some great 3D movie experiences, and even the post-processed 3D blu-rays like the Marvel movies have much, much better 3D effects than in the theatre. Jurassic Park, which they retrofitted with 3D but spent a ton of time doing it properly, has much better 3D than Jurassic World.

But true 3D films (including a lot of IMAX documentaries) are amazing. Old 3D movies from the 50s are even amazing. The 3D even made the Hobbit movies really enjoyable.

In terms of gaming, Gears of War 3 in 4k and 3D is one of my favorite gaming experiences ever, and I don’t even normally like that sort of game. Much more fun than any VR game I’ve played (although I only have a PSVR)


I found it entertaining. I’m not alone. It’s polarizing and flawed, sure, but I’d argue it’s far from objectively awful…



No such thing as objectively awful, but still, let’s have a look at some of those “fresh” ratings:

Obviously, there are critics who did like it wholeheartedly. They’re wrong, obviously, but that’s their prerogative. That said, a very large proportion of that 82% fresh rating is people who let the technical tour de force outweigh the film’s massive failings as a piece of storytelling.


No, they aren’t. It’s literally impossible to be wrong about your own opinion.

Edit: If you’re making a quick joke then I apologize for taking it seriously, it’s a pet peeve of mine.


I mean some people thought Trump would be a good president.


If they said “Trump is going to do good things for this country.” Then I think you could argue with them, even though it would depend on what they have deemed “good” things.

But if they said “I really like Trump” then you can’t argue with them. You can bring them evidence to try to change their mind but they aren’t fucking wrong.

Anyways, I called it out because I got sick of seeing that “your opinion is wrong” bs in my early twenties. If anything I thought it was a cultural thing (internet culture circa 2000s) that died off but maybe it’s something else?


I was being facetious - I literally said it’s their prerogative. My beef isn’t with the people who liked it. It’s with the 83% fresh rating not reflecting the fact that a very large proportion “fresh” ratings said the narrative was crap .


It would be interesting if you could somehow quantify the bump in review scores that is attributable to presentation and nothing to do with story, because I think you’re right.


They are wrong to feel that way. They might actually feel that way, but it’s wrong for anyone to do so :)

And this coming from the “just let people enjoy shit!” guy!


Just emphasize the last word there. :P


I think I know what you mean (my relative, subjective enjoyment of this product cannot be “wrong”), but opinions can be “wrong” if they’re evaluating or incorporating more objective criteria.


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