OLED TV: is it time?


I don’t think so. I think the receiver has to be beefy enough to pass HDR signals, but I don’t think there are any standards-related requirements (e.g. having to have a Dolby Vision chip in the receiver like you need in the TV).

However, I’m not a definitive source. I do all my reading about the TVs themselves. :)

Best thing to do is check out AVS Forum and ask the true wonks.


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Really? The coverage I’d seen (eg this) said all 2016 OLEDs would get it. I’m aware the B6 wouldn’t be Advanced HDR capable.[/quote]
Here’s my source. Hopefully, yours is right.

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There’s not really a lot of hype around them, though (apart from the W7 of course). They seem very incremental upgrades. A material improvement in brightness and more HDR standards support seem to the the only real upgrades.[/quote]
In terms of features they can trumpet, absolutely (although that 21ms input lag in SDR and HDR is pretty tasty).

But it’s the general performance that I want to see tested, especially in the three areas I mentioned of shadow detail, uniformity, and motion. I likely won’t pay the price differential for the new features, but I might get an X7 if one or more of those three areas showed substantial improvement over the X6. Motion is probably a non-starter, but the improvement from 2015 to 2016 in the other two was pretty significant. If there’s a similar jump in the X7s, then that could make it worth the extra dough.

It’s hard to tell, of course, because sensitivity to those issues is subjective. Some people have gone through multiple sets because of banding, vignetting, or elevated blacks on the X6s, while some people swear they’ve never seen an issue on actual content ever.


B&H is accepting pre-orders for the 2017 LG OLED’s, so we have some pricing now:

LG OLED C7 55-inch ($2,496)
LG OLED C7 65-inch ($3,996)
LG OLED E7 55-inch ($3,496)
LG OLED E7 65-inch ($4,996)
LG OLED W7 65-inch ($7,996)
LG OLED W7 77-inch ($19,996)

No pricing on the B7 yet. Probably same as 2016 B6 ($3000 for 65").


No price on the G77? I don’t give a shit about wallpaper thin.


Not OLED-specific, but I just spent over an hour wandering back and forth at the local big box store trying to pick a new TV to replace my embarassingly ancient CRT.

So the current top recommendations for 55" flatscreens are LG’s OLED B6P, and Samsung’s KS8000. Both fine-looking sets at first glance, but…

The LG OLED-- beautiful picture, but has a thing called Automatic Brightness Limiting (ABL), which means the brighter the entire image, the darker it gets. On nearly all-white scenes in the store demo the display basically went grey. It’s not a subtle effect. As someone who watches a lot of animation, this would drive me insane. There’s little solid information out there on why this exists. Cheaper power supplies? Screen life? Regulations? Nobody knows.

The Samsung LCD looked very good, and had brighter brights than the LG, but had noticeable backlight uniformity issues. Every one had significant shadowing in the upper left and right corners. I suppose this is an improvement over the Samsungs I looked at this time last year, that instead had flashlighting issues in the corners. Again, this would drive me insane, and both issues are due to the shitty edge lighting that sets use today because it’s cheap and thin. Whatever happened to full-array backlights?

Oh yeah, of all the TV manufacturers, only Vizio… smegging Vizio… offers a range of full-array backlight sets. Their 2016 P-Series apparently delivers a fantastic, uniform picture with deep blacks. But it also apparently has crappy upscaling of SD content, and you have to control the TV with an Android app. Seriously. So you get to worry about your remote going dead daily instead of annually.

Wait, Samsung does offer ONE full-array backlight set, but it’s a 65-incher… and it’s curved. Sigh.

TV technology today is simultaneously amazing and ass.


Zylon I’m going through the same debate you are – 55" LG OLED B6P ($2000), 65" Samsung KS8000 ($1500) and maybe a Vizio. I’m replacing a 61" Samsung DLP. I don’t even remember how old it is, but it is at the end of its second bulb and I’m ready to mount something on my wall.

Vizio I’m worried about because the UI / software part is kinda crap from what I’ve read. Was leaning Samsung because 1) cheaper and 2) bigger but @DennyA’s note about the firmware has me leaning LG again. Worried about HDR fickleness with the PS4 as well as burn in (that’s a thing again, really?!) has me rethinking.

Maybe I’ll just hold off a while, despite Super Bowl sales I’m sure they’ll go down even more as the '17s roll out. Sure wish my company (SAS) had that employee pricing sharing that Microsoft has with Samsung, that’d make it a no-brainer.


On the Samsung firmware… Really depends on how you’re doing your surround audio, and if you mind having to re-enable it periodically in the set’s menus to make it work with your stereo. I finally got so frustrated I moved most of my components to optical audio with a splitter and that solved the issue. If you’re just going to a stereo soundbar or plan to use the speakers, the firmware’s not that bad. (Though the apps are a mixed bag… Plex has stopped responding in the latest version, for instance.)


Hmmm, hadn’t really thought about the TV’s audio. Typically I don’t use it at all, instead running everything through my receiver. With a Smart TV, however, I guess I may want to have the audio go from the TV to the receiver as well.

Regardless, Amazon’s price for the KS8000 just popped up $150 and, I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m considering just buying another bulb for my DLP. Incredibly they are super cheap now – I guess so little demand? A few years ago they were $200 a pop, now like $25. I may just hang on a bit longer with this old beast haha.


I don’t know that that’s necessarily a bad call. I went DLP>Plasma>4K LED, and while I’m now happy with my KS8000, if I had it to do over again I’ve had just waited another year and waited for OLED prices to go down. I like the 4K and HDR, but the color, blacks, and viewing angle are a step down from my old plasma, which wouldn’t have been the case if I’d held out for OLED.

So while DLP>4K LED will be a bit more of an improvement, my experience tells me the best bet if you want the best overall picture is to hold off until your budget and OLED prices reach equilibrium.


Be careful with the ultra cheap bulbs. When I went looking for a replacement bulb for my Sony DLP a couple of years ago I almost bought one without doing much research. I found out that Amazon and eBay are absolutely flooded with cheap bulbs of widely varying (but mostly bad) quality. I ended up grabbing one that was a little more expensive ($90) but was from both a dealer with a ton of positive feedback, and a bulb that was a manufactured by one of the better companies.


@DennyA, yeah, I think I’m going to wait unless the 65" OLED dips substantially (nearer $2k than $3k) soon. The DLP isn’t too bad.

@Gedd, thanks for the very good advice! Reading the reviews on the $25 bulb, yeah, it stinks. The ones closer to $100 made by Philips and the like appear to be far more reliable.


I forgot all about DLP bulbs, but I too discovered the cheaper bulbs to not be worth it. Glad I don’t have to think about those anymore, and I am really glad about TV sets getting thinner and lighter. The new OLED sets using magnets to mount them is just fantastic. I remember needing 4 guys to mount one of the earlier 65" plasmas. Still works great though.


So, B6 prices have gone back up to £2k today, from around £1,750 for the last month or so. I’m hoping it’s a temporary increase before the final stock-clearing drop when the 2017 models come out. I’d bite at £1,600 or lower. But it could be a permanent FX related increase, in which case I think I’ll just wait another year.


UK launch prices have been announced for LG’s 2017 sets. 55" B7/C7 are £3k, E7 is £3.5k. That compares to a current price of £1.8k most places for a 55" B6 or £2.2k for an E6. There was a review event for the W7 recently, and the panel seems good, especially for near blacks, but not £1.2k extra good, let alone any further price drops. We’re still waiting on the HDR game mode patch for the B6 in the UK. I think I’m going to bite once the patch hits. I just wish LG would come out with something more definitive on HLG, but frankly so little of my content is consumed OTA at the moment that it probably won’t make much difference in practice.


And now Sony has announced US pricing for its debut OLED TV (with an LG panel). $5k for the 55" and $6.5k for the 65". At least that’s one decision I no longer have to worry about.


Wait, so LG OLEDs are a lot cheaper, and now Sony is using an OLED panel made by LG and they’re charging double for it??


Well, to be fair, so is LG. The W7 panel is supposedly exactly the same as the B7.


At least one vendor is selling them for the rumored prices.

And, of course, these are the early adopter prices, so they’ll be dropping in a month or two, probably by a grand. But it certainly would have been nice if the ceiling for the 65" had been $5,500.


Those Sony prices are absurd. Disappointed the B7/E7 are so high relative to the 6s, since they seem little improved (worse, in the case of the E6, in some respects). I like my E6 65 so much that I’m going to get another one for my office, likely a B7 55, but if the price difference is going to be $3k Canadian, I’ll just pick up a B6 now.


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I can’t understate how blown away I was by the 2016 LG OLED set, coming from a pretty nice Panasonic Plasma. It’s no contest. The OLED is better in every dimension. Including actual dimension.