OLED TV: is it time?

How old was it?

My 2017 was an open box and still runs great, thankfully because it’s past warranty. The 2021 C1 one I got was a refurb and I got the extended one for it. Both from Microcenter where I have a torrid affair with their oven box stuff.

That definitely isn’t common; LG sells a ton of 'em and we would have heard about it. You just got unlucky. Overall, extended warranties are never worthwhile.

Yep I never get them but decided for the refurb. It covers anything for 4 years. I was a little nervous with a refurb plus thoughts of the 3 year old smashing it with something came to mind.

Ahh, it was a refurb. Well you made the right decision this time!

Unless you buy your LG OLED from Costco and get the 5 year extended warranty for free!

I was nervous but Best refurb ever had the new factory wrap still on it and zero hours used. Box was definitely refurbed though :).