Oleg Maddox's "Pacific Fighters"

Oleg Maddox’s “Pacific Fighters”


Ubisoft Announces new Combat flight simulation title:
‘Pacific Fighters’
Oleg Maddox, the Maker of the Award-winning IL2 Series,
Engages the Pacific Theater

Paris, France - March 31st, 2004 - Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, today announced that its new flight combat title, Pacific Fighters, will launch this fall.

WWII’s Pacific theater was the backdrop for some of the most famous aerial battles in history. In places like Midway, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima, allied fighters and bombers went head-to-head against the air power of the Japanese empire. Pacific Fighters provides the opportunity for players to experience the realistic action, intense flight combat and immersive gameplay of WWII’s Pacific air war.

“Pacific Fighters will deliver even more of the high-quality graphics, historical detail and realism that IL-2 fans have come to expect, this time in a dynamic, new Pacific-war setting,” said Alain Corre, EMEA Managing Director at Ubisoft. “We are thrilled to offer flight-sims enthusiasts the opportunity to fight in memorable aerial battles over famous locations such as Midway and Iwo Jima, while still enjoying extensive multiplayer options”

Backed by the Oleg Maddox team, Pacific Fighters allows players to participate in the most compelling Pacific air war experience ever created. Fly planes on either the side of the conflict, including U.S., Japan, Great Britain, or Australia. There are more than 40 flyable aircraft, including the F6F Hellcat, the deadly Japanese Zero, and the UK’s Supermarine Seafire. In addition, for the first time in the 1C: Maddox game series, players will have the option to take-off and land on aircraft carriers during combat.

“We’re extremely proud and excited to bring Pacific Fighters to the combat flight sim audience because we know they’re going to be very pleased with improvements to the award-winning IL-2 game engine and enjoy the new Pacific war setting," said Ilya Shevchenko, producer. “Players will appreciate the variety of famous fighters, however, in this title more than any previous Maddox sim, we’re emphasizing flyable bombers such as the SBD Dauntless, Aichi Val, Mitsubishi G4M Betty, and at least four versions of the North American B-25 Mitchell."

Players may choose from a variety of bombing missions, including torpedo attacks, dive bombing, and high altitude bombing. Targets include amphibious landing craft, realistic coastal fortifications, and a wide selection of ground vehicles, each built to an even higher level of detail than in the previous 1C:Maddox Games flight sims.

Players will be able to target enemy ships, vehicles, airfields and aircraft on one of the 16 new maps, including Guadalcanal, Pearl Harbor and Singapore. The online multiplayer options allow players to engage in live battles ranging in style from free-for-all dogfights to cooperative campaigns.

The Corsair’s roll rate is all wrong, and the Hellcat is way overpowered. Also, I think the gunners on the ships are WAY too accurate.

w00t! First whine!

Sounds good to me sir, I love IL2, one of the more reachable and entertaining flightsims that comes to mind. I wouldnt know if the turn rate on plane x is too much or not, but IL2 looks and plays just peachy as far as I’m concerned. We’ve run team dogfights, co-op missions and aerobatic competitions on the server and had a blast doing it. Unfortunately I do seem to share Mr Connery’s habit of shooting off the tail when sitting in the rear gunners seat.

I cannot WAIT for this one. Also, it’s good to see SOME flight sim fans with a sense of humor:


DAMN! I was beaten.

I read about this at SimHQ, but did this thing come out of nowhere, or what?

What happend to the BoB sim? I thought that was next up.

It’s been unofficially known about for a while, people putting bits and piece together and Oleg accidently (or not, most probably he didn’t think it was as big a secret as some others did) confirmed it in an email. It’s being made in conjunction with many of the modellers who made planes, cockpits etc previously, but this time it’s contracted and they get paid.

BoB is still coming 2005 (yer right, see you in 2006), it’s a new product in every sense of the word, Pacific Fighters is using the IL2 engine. They’ve seen fit to include carrier ops so if we’re lucky they may even throw a few more miscellaneous improvements in along with the new theatre.

Good for them. I think the idea is to add enough value so that it warrents the price tag, without gouging the customer. It’s the same as MS flight sim franchise. Build on what you already have. This is really the only way to sustain a flight sim game. If developers can write code that’s somewhat portable, then you can just write a new graphics engine when hardware progresses to the point that you’re ready for a new one, and things keep moving along.

Yeah, and I would say that Oleg usually gives much more value than MS.

Oh hell, I just love Oleg Maddox! That mustache is soooo cute!! :wink:

So CindySue22,

What’s the story behind your online name, anyway? You’re obviously not a hot gaming sorority girl. :)

Oleg is totally pimpin’!

Holy shit…Harlan Ellison grew a mustache and is making flight sims? WTF?


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