OMFG! Duke Nukem Forever is due out in 2004!

uhm, at least thats what Take 2 is hoping


Let’s see… Half Life 2… Doom 3… Deus Ex 2… Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII… Full Spectrum Warrior.


Duke Nukem Forever.


Half-Life 3, Doom 4, Quake 5, Unreal 3, Unreal Tournament 2006.

Jeez, maybe sequel-itis is infecting the industry.

Good thing we’ll DNF, a franchise only on its second FPS iteration, to keep things fresh at the same time.

Because the first Sniper game was oh so fresh and original. :roll:

Derek, you made a typo in the subject line - Duke is due out in 3004, not 2004.

We need to get a pool going: which engine are they rebuilding the game with from the ground up this time. Source or DOOM III? Or maybe… Lithtech?

I wrote this on the shack…

“You know, last quarter we wrote it down substantially, so we generally already pulled the plug.”

When I was writing that Take Two was already giving up on the title with the write off, I remember quite a few people saying “oh no, they just had a really good quarter with Vice City. This is just a business move.”

If anyone wants to admit that I was right and you were wrong, I’ll accept it now.

(ps, yes I’m being an ass but god, some people are so dense)

C’mon Derek…it must make you feel just the tiniest bit good about the fact that George and Scott can fund their game this long and keep Ryan Brandt from making money on it. At least they’re not releasing some busted, half-finished game they shoved in a box and shipped without the developer’s consent. :)

I still say it won’t disappoint when they finally release it.


My guess would be Half-Life 2 just because it looks like the hottest engine going and 3DRealms needs the hottest engine they can lay their hands on.

This really is getting crazy. What’s it going to be? Seven years in development? 3DRealms could have made three Duke games by now. What have those guys been doing all this time?

Painkiller is the only shooter that matters now.

What’s amazing to me is that Duke was essentially the last character who could get away with making a game that was 50% developed by ripping off other people’s IP.

Since then they’re have been dozens of FPSs, and any originality that the game had has long been sucked away.

I can’t imagine what kind of game they plan on making, and how or why I should believe that it is going to be, in any way, good.

The G man speaks!!!

Man, I can just imagine the Take Two execs sitting through that one.

And as for when DNF started, well, someone found a direct link

The below is not to be reprinted as a news item, or reprinted in any way without my permission – this is all off-the-record. Thanks.

3D Realms, not Take-Two, is funding the development of Duke Nukem (taking) Forever. Take2 hasn’t given us a dime. Therefore, it’s unfortunate that they used language alongs the lines that they’ve already, in effect, “pulled the plug” on the game. There is no plug for them to pull.

Basically, they cannot commit to a release date, and when pressured by investment suits for some release details on the game (which are then used to model Take2’s future earnings), Take2 should have said something along this line: “We will not comment on whether or not it will come out this year, but know that we have no financial exposure. When 3D Realms is ready to ship it, it will be well worth the wait…”

We’ve talked to them since they made their conference call statement, and they realize it was worded poorly and unintentially reflected badly on the project. And they’ve apologised. Matter closed.

Um, I’m not sure you can make a public comment “off the record” when committing it to a permanent record on the Internet… but then again, nothing you said is news to those of us who knew you were self-funding the game.

Question for any non 3drealm employees

Anyone else think Take Two will try to sell/dump DNF publishing rights before the end of the year?

Seems unlikely.

Yee haw! Sing it, brother! :lol:

Why would they want to sell the publishing rights? Take 2 isn’t funding the game, so there’s no outlay on their part, and they’re not desperate for money like Interplay was (and still is) when Interplay sold the rights to Hunter to Vivendi.

Many reasons, such as the game doesn’t fit with their publishing plans, they figure it will never make them enough money to cover the 12 million they laid out plus all the future expenses, personality conflicts with management, and the wind shifts. Remember, Take Two has majorily mistreated developers in the past (and consumers). Something is up.

How could the game not fit with their publishing plans? They don’t care what they publish as long as the title is expected to make money. This is the company that published Mall Tycoon.

As to DNF not earning back whatever Take 2 paid to acquire the rights, the money they spent is just that – spent. All Take 2 has to worry about are future expenditures, and since 3DRealms is self-funding, Take 2 isn’t on the hook for much.

The only reason Take 2 might try to shop the rights (and who knows if the agreement is structured so that Take 2 can even transfer the publishing rights) would be if Take 2 was convinced the game wasn’t ever going to come out. Since it doesn’t cost Take 2 anything to simply wait, they’d have to be very down on 3DRealms to give up completely.

Would you give up on a game that could sell several million copies and earn tens of millions in profit?