Omfg f-zero!

IGN has the video and screens too. Wow…just…wow…


This is gonna be the best thing since Animal Crossing…


I laugh everytime I see that picture. :lol:

Looking forward to F-Zero though. Never played the N-64 version, but I loved it back on the SNES.

Have you guys watched the movie?! Man…just incredible visuals and I love the music in the clip. I cannot wait to play it both at home and in the arcade. I pray one of the Namco-owned arcades in my town gets one of them. I’d hate to have to drive to Philly to play it, but I will!


The cars don’t look too spectacular, but that’s OK because they’re clearly saving polys for the huge courses, which I can’t wait to try out. Just once though I’d like weapons in an F-Zero game, but only because ROB is on one of the courses and I’d like to take a few pot shots at him.