OMG... A typical and sad day on the UT forums

Headline: Forget ut2k3, bf1942 is getting my money

Man what a bunch of cry babies :shock:

kinda amusing… It all stems from the fact that UT2k3 hasn’t been released yet and the hard core UT players are getting a little impatient.

Here’s the 2nd half:

I have one word for that type of forum:


Those guys should just start repeating it over and over to themselves and try to calm down…plus, if they say it loud enough they’ll always sound precocious, which would be a huge improvement for them.

Thanks for the link though…quite entertaining!



although, I must say I’d rather play as a 1942 soldier than a silly mortal kombat style idiot in a sports/exxtremeradical cheeseball FPS.

From that thread:

I sense in the next few months Battlefield 1942 is gonna steal alot of people from alot of communities(it ships with a level editor too) and soon people from those communities will hate BF1942 the way they hate Counterstrike.

I am certain that the folks at Digital Illusions sincerely hope that people around the world will “hate BF1942 the way that they hate Counterstrike.”

Those threads are a good example of what happens when teens are denied sex.