OMG Burnout Revenge 360 is out today

Has anyone played it yet?

I assume it won’t actually be in stores until tomorrow.

Gamestop and Best Buy are both saying tomorrow. Gamestop’s giving 20% extra for trade-ins, though!

Sweet so we could get the game for 50 rather then 60?!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess it’s just like the previous incarnation except with slightly better graphics and few new, yet minor and ultimately irrelevant game modes.

That’s the EA promise ™.

Honestly, “Burnout with better graphics” is enough for me. Plus I really like what they’re doing with the Live play aspects, creating “grudge lists” that enable you to identify online opponents that you have specific rivalries with.

They did much more than that.

Traffic checking really changes the game, adding an extra (and wonderful) bit of chaos to an already chaotic game. Not only are you causing accidents. You are constantly driving through them.

The crash mode has almost been reimagined - so much so that I’d consider Burnout 3’s crash mode to be a totally separate game. The levels are much more vertical, often spanning multiple levels (e.g. overpass to the ground). Factors such as wind must be taken into account and you now have a choice of car, where the heaviest car is not always the best choice.

The racing levels themselves are also much more vertical. Jumps and shortcuts abound. In my opinion, they are much more interesting this time around.

Two words: crashbreaker race.

Burnout Revenge for the Xbox was my GOTY for 2005. It’s incredibly fun. I like it enough that I’m very much considering picking up the 360 version. Yeah, that’s just what I need: a game I already have.

BTW, don’t tell Tom I said these things. I don’t think he’d understand.

Like Mr Witta, adding much improved graphics and all the grudge list stuff is well worth it to me.

Why can’t R* give Midnight Club 3 a spitshine finish and extort $60 from us. I’d be delighted! They at least were kind enough to slap in an entirely new city for the re-release, but PS2/XBX is so 2005…

Yeah. I really liked the game, but it’s just so hard for me to play something so jaggy now. I really wish they’d just port it to the PC so I could play it in a decent resolution.

Why don’t you just pop your copy of Revenge for the regular Xbox into your 360 and enjoy the benefits of backwards compatibility? :)


I can’t tell if Tom’s trying to be funny or not…

The stuff I read about Revenge on GAF indicates that it’s really not much different from the Xbox version so if you don’t have that one, then go for it, otherwise, you might want to rent it first.

Also… the IGN review (I think) noted there was some slowdown. Slowdown… AGAIN in a 360 game?! Yeesh… ports at least should be running at 60fps with no hitches.

See, I skipped the regular Xbox version because I knew a “slightly enchanced” 360 one was on the way.

I’m not sure I’d re-buy Burnout Revenge. But I’ll happily buy it once!

But where to spend all my time? Revenge, or GRAW?

Well, I intended on doing that, assuming I’d get a 360 on release. Since that didn’t happen, I went out and got Burnout Revenge. Even though I liked it a lot, I never finished it, which happens a lot with games I buy. I’m happy to spend more money on a much prettier version of the game. Stupid, maybe, but happy nonetheless.

Then you don’t want Burnout Revenge since from all indications it’s not “much prettier”.

lack of hideous jaggies is enough for me for burnout. Most game sI’d be pissed, because its almost just like paying $60 for the title to be backwards compatible. But whatever, burnout is EA’s only hold on me, and I can wait and pick it up used like I have every other burnout.

Sounds cool. I’m gonna spend the dough on GRAW instead. Life’s too short for ports!

Not so much funny as snarky, punishment for using the F word. None of the criterion games including burnout revenge work in backwards compatibility.