OMG give the "Microsoft buys Lionhead" threads their own forum

Lollerskates, etc.

Do YOU come with the car?

Oblivion: Microsoft buys Lionhead [WoW]

I thought about posting a ZOMG give the ‘give the “Microsoft buys Lionhead” threads their own forum’ threads their own forum thread, but decided not to.

Did you guys hear that Microsoft bought Lionhead?

OMG spam!

Can I vote sh1tb0n3rz?



hehehehe! :)

[size=+2]E5, WHICH LIONHEAD?[/size]

No! We need a new forum for all the threads asking for new fora.

Anyone know if there is a mod for oblivion where Lionhead delivers the promised Fable without it being an Microsoft xbollox exclusive for so long?

Yes, and you download it at