Omg gta:vc kthx

Large preview of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in Game Informer. Anyone else intreaged by the new style… yet weary about how well it will be taken by current GTA3 fans (14-17 year olds)?

Btw, is Game Informer made up of the same staff of what was PC Accellerator?

Who says most GTA3 fans are 14-17 ? Most of my friends and acquaintances are in their 30’s and 40’s and all play GTA3.

I know several people who love it and none of them are under 25.

shhh… it is called a troll.

The poor grammar and punctuation gives it away.

Say, Chet, what would you rate this on the troll-o-meter? 3? 4?

Er… what? How was that a troll? I was suggesting that GTA3 has a large portion of fans under 18. Did I say you had to be under 18 to enjoy it? No.

Post subject: OMG GTA:VC KTHX

Isn’t this inscribed on the Parthenon somewhere?

Go back to your wireless game controller and your widescreen and your living room please.


Here are scans of the (great looking) shots:

I think it’s a cool idea, but what about the radio stations? That was the best part of GTA3 - what are they going to have, 7 stations of that Flashback channel?

Full page scans. I thought the screenshots weren’t that great (it’s the PS2); the text is more interesting to me.

It sounds amazing. I’m kind of worried that the staff all agrees that the “Bomb Da Base” mission is its favorite, and has decided to use it as a blueprint for most of VC’s missions. BDB was okay, but I thought the missions that permitted more creative problem solving and less rote memorization were the game’s best.

Yeah, hard not to get excited from that preview. And I don’t own a PS2. Has it been confirmed for PC yet? I think I heard that the “exclusive” part of their contract with SCEA is only for console versions.

Good lord. Twice as big as GTA3? Missions that include outdoor and indoor play? NINE HOURS on the soundtrack? Dammit, after I move next month I won’t have my roommate’s PS2. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to buy one for a while. Oh well, $250 to play this game almost doesn’t sound bad.

As for the exclusivity thing, yeah, that’s only for console versions. There will almost certainly be a PC version of Vice City, but they probably won’t say much about it until the PS2 version is out.

Oh well, $250 to play this game almost doesn’t sound bad.

Still better than Steel Battalion, which is 250 bucks without the XBox.

I thought the missions that permitted more creative problem solving and less rote memorization were the game’s best.

I think you have a tendency to vastly overstate how open ended the “solutions” to a lot of these missions actually were. Unless you have some secret way to solve that incredibly annoying “destroy the 9 cappucino stands all over the city mission” that doesn’t involve hauling ass.

And then there’s my favorite, the time I did try to get all Erik-y on a mission and block the exit of a car I needed to pursue later. As soon as the guy got in his car, poof, my roadblock was mysteriously and inexplicably gone. AWESOME!

GTA3 gives you the illusion of freedom, but it’s not really there. It is partially successful, though, and certainly head and shoulders above most console games in this regard.

Also, I heard Steel Battalion will be released as a standalone game, in addition to the game+controller bundle. I can’t remember where I read that though.

On GTA3:VC, I’m a little disappointed that they are licensing actual songs for the soundtrack (Hall and Oates, etc). I preferred the synthetic parody songs and radio patter, with the sole exception of the real songs from the Scarface soundtracks. Then again those might as well have been parodies; I certainly couldn’t tell the difference.

Don’t remind me. That game is the only reason I would even consider buying an XBox. Fortunately there are enough games on other platforms to keep me busy until Canada attacks.

I preferred the synthetic parody songs

What parody songs?

Head Radio with DJ Michael ‘the man with the plan’ Hunt is your classic commercial pop radio station. Players will hear cliche-addled commercial pop featuring the original GTA audio team with their star guests “Bratney Swears,” “Moldy!!” and DMA’s latest pop stars, the boy band “Boyz 2 Girlz.” All are, of course, spoof tracks created by DMA.