OMG HOMM 5 wtf (spoilers)

Yesterday, I downloaded the HOMM 5 demo. After a couple quick losses on heroic and hard, I decided to play a quick game on normal. I take the first city, free the queen, fight the invasions, and start to explore the map. Fairly early on, I take the city on the bottom right, figuring that there is another city underground. I explore and explore, until I have the whole map explored, with no other town or monolith entrances forthcoming. Finally, I get the objective to get a message to Nicolai. Once Nicolai and Agrael come out, I pull a huge army out of the demon city and crush Agrael like a bug. Then I watch a movie about Agrael killing Nicolai… What kind of terrible triggering is that? Also, is there another demon town somewhere that I didn’t find, or are those monolith exit points just cheesy spawn points?

Whats even more fun is the next mission where Godric has tons of troops with him, including angels and you play as Agrael… a lvl 1 hero with 4 troop types. No towns to conquer either.

Oh yeah, those triggers are awful… like if you’re doing that one mage guild quest in Oblivion where a battlemage gets spiked by the trap even if he’s lying on the floor paralyzed 10 feet away ;(.

That, or the Blades being scripted to die in the tutorial. Way to negate a player’s ability to influence a situation.