OMG Oblivion I want to flip out and kill people

You know how it is when you get a new RPG. Somehow just picking up the box gives you an idea of what kind of character you’ll be THIS time. WoW, I was a gnome engineer mage. Dungeon Siege II, I was a two-handed half-giant melee monster.

Oblivion, I want to be a ninja and flip out and kill people. I’ve never played a total assassin before – always been a goody two-shoes – but maybe it’s time to make a change.

So, I just bought the game, but probably can’t play it until tomorrow night (work today, then an old friend in town for one night only tonight and have to play Illuminati with him, then work again tomorrow). But at least I can post here and have people toss out their suggestions. The below is based on the rulebook only…

Main dilemma: clearly the stealth skills are the most important (sneak, acrobatics, light armor, marksman). But also some other areas look good too (illusion, alteration, hand to hand, athletics). So, what are the best tradeoffs? It looks like it breaks down this way:

Speed governs Athletics, Light Armor, Acrobatics.
Agility governs Marksman, Security, Sneak.
Personality governs Illusion, Speechcraft.
Strength governs Hand to Hand.
Willpower governs Alteration.

So that looks like speed and agility are the most important. But man, I really want me some of that hand-to-hand and illusion goodness…

Is that the right way to break this down? Isn’t it kind of hosed to have Hand to Hand governed by Strength? Can you be a good ninja with good H2H skill even if most of your ability points are in Speed or Agility? Also, the eternal dilemma of the unarmed RPG character is all the super bodacious weapons you have to pass on… are there good toys for the H2H character in Oblivion?


Yes. Yes you can.

Ah the virgin enthusiasm of youth…

I have a feeling that Garrett or Riddick are going to have another trip through Tamriel tonight when I get home…

BTW You can’t be a NINJA because “mammal” is not a stat in the game

Eternally young, that’s me. I may be 36 years old and have a wife and baby girl, I may have cut my teeth on SpaceWars on a PLATO at age 7 or so, I may had an Apple ][+ as my first computer (and lo the many games that were played on THAT)… but looks like I can still get virginally giddy for the right game!

It can’t be coincidence that Qt3 calls me “Spinning Toe” – maybe that’s what I’ll name my Oblivion ninja…

Now all I need is to hear that there are pirates somewhere in Oblivion and my ninja destiny will be complete (I will make them wail like little baby-babies). And Scharmers, ninja awesomeness will just have to transcend all known FACTS about ninjas.

Reach for the stars, my friend! Preferably the ninja ones.

I dunno how it’ll play out in Oblivion, but in Morrowind H2H didn’t mean you were a good martial artist or some crap. It just meant you could bitch-slap really hard, and that the accuracy of said bitch-slappery was top-notch. Based on the attributes-affecting-skills breakdown you gave, it looks like Obl. is following the Morro. mold there, so I recommend avoiding hand to hand. A good ninja should be following the noble way of the sword and the even more noble way of the dagger-between-the-ribs-whilst-skulking-around-in-the-shadows anyway.

I wasn’t too impressed with Illusion’s spellset, and Willpower is an avenue to go down once you’ve decided to become a full-on battlemage. I’d stick with stealth, long or short blade, marksman, and security. It sounds like they brought athletics and acrobatics under the same roof for Obl. - in Morro., one was governed by speed and the other strength. Anyway, if you have to choose one, I’d go with the one that fits in the same house as the blade skill you’re training (ie, if short blade is speed, go with the physical skill that is governed by that).

However, I guess I should add, in my opinion acrobatics is a much more important assassin skill since it may allow you access to areas by jumping that you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to get to.

It’s funny, I never play RPG games and decide what to be before hand. I guess I like to pick something with a little magic and swordplay to get the best of both worlds. This time I’m going to put more thought into it. Don’t have much time though as I’m going to be picking up the game in half an hour :)

Yer, I figured H2H was probably teh nerf. So now the question is which starting race do I choose, assuming that H2H is sucky?

Khajiit: Acrobatics +10, Athletics +5, Blade +5, H2H +10, Light Armor +5, Security +5, Sneak +5, can see in dark.
Wood Elf: Acrobatics +5, Alchemy +10, Alteration +5, Light Armor +5, Marksman +10, Sneak +10, can talk to animals.

I’m leaning towards Khajiit, but man, I’d like that +10 in Marksman… but seeing in the dark just seems a bit too handy for a ninja like me.

The main reason I want Illusion is for invisibility type spells, which are a ninja must-have. But ain’t no way to get a good starting race with a big lllusion bonus.

Well, worry about training up the spell skills later.

One thing to remember about the beast races: their faces are too big to wear a lot of the helmets. So the ninja-required Dark Brotherhood headgear and its ilk will most likely be a non-starter for Khajiit. Plus the catmen are all skooma freaks anyway and have trouble getting up the gumption to assassinate anything except a pipeful of moon sugar anyways.

I want to be Oblivion’s drug dealer and addict the city of Cymoril to moon sugar and skooma.

Also… I want a steady supply of ladies to merchandise.

If it matches up with morrowind, and it sounds like it will, the skill bonuses and extra spells don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you can cast 30 points nighteye for free when you can cast 100 points for 1 magicka an hour in, or just enchant your undies to give it as a constant effect. The powergaming choices for race and birthsign have expensive immunities, particularly the breton’s permanent 50% magic resistance, various races’ immunities to fire/frost, and of course the extremely powerful atronach birthsign combined with various summons to regenerate magicka. Breton with atronach is particularly sick.

Yes, I’m sitting at work staring at the box. Still.

I don’t think Oblivion has birthsigns. At least they’re not mentioned in the manual at all.

Well, well, decisions, decisions. Is it true that Khajiit can’t wear cool helmets in Oblivion? If so, are there any other secret nerfs in any of the other races?

They couldn’t in Morrowind. I quit and re-rolled a wood elf after a while, because about 12 levels in my Khajiit thief could still only wear the faggy dunce cap.

Huh. You’re right, they’re not in the manual. What a weird omission. Anyway, yes, oblivion has birthsigns, here’s a link. They’re basically the same as morrowind, just toned down a smidgen. My understanding is that all races can wear all items in oblivion, unlike morrowind, but I’m sitting at work waiting to go home and play so I don’t know for sure.


I’m sorry, didn’t you hear? There is now only one skill: “Blade”. Similarly, Axes are now “Blunt”, while Spears, Thrown, Crossbows, and Staves have disappeared entirely.

There are now only Blade, Bow, and Blunt.

To quote the idiot himself:

Thankfully you won’t “miss out” in Oblivion, because the hard choices have been removed.

To quote the idiot himself:

Why not give the game a 24 hour grace period before insulting the developers? I know it isn’t the RPG Codex way but guess what, you’re not on RPG Codex, fucknut.

Ah! Thanks for the clarification, Saber-C.

So much for my ASSumption that Oblivion was following the established framework.

Edit: wow, harsh, stusser. I’ll admit, some of the shit Hines has said about Oblivion has made me LOL too.

Er, check out the icon for “sneak”. Guess they’re trying to make a statement about rogues there eh!

Because Morrowind was all about the hard choices. Yep.