OMG Trauma Center Wii

Apologies for the NeoGAF link… BUT LOOK!

Helllooooo nurse.

If it has Aliens and tries to become some kind of bad Galaga clone 20% of the way into the game, no sale.

It does. It’s the same game as the DS version with some added stuff.

That’s… uhh… traumatic. It’s so close to actually being a good game – they just had to follow through on the premise of the actual game, instead of putting in other stuff to try to appeal to twitch gamers, or whatever that was all about.

So, I’ve got to inseminate a lung here?

And stitch it up when you’re done with the hole (make sure you don’t leave any sponges, or gauze in there or Oprah shows up).

What’s the problem? That lung has two vaginas.

So, what’s everyone think of the esoteric setting? I was playing a Brain Surgery game from HOTU (under the knife or something) and I really liked that it looked gory when I sliced open a cocaine addict’s head.

Doesn’t it just get more like tracing the less the things look like organs?

For example. It looks like there is an alien with a mustache to the left of that lung. What the hell?

Can I play Dr. Death IE royally screw up on purpose and kill countless animenese people?

Failing usually means another doctor steps in to take over, though a couple characters do “die.” Both situations lead to game over, though.

This version has that neat defibrilator thing. Maybe you can induce heart attacks and revive them over and over.

Is there something sexual about this game that I missed? …besides that… I’m interested in playing it. I hope there’s a good story line, otherwise it could be pretty boring. Also, very interested in seeing how hard/easy the sewing up will be.