OMG! Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines on sale! $19.99 - This Halloween Weekend Only

Sale on Steam! And I just plunked my money on Fallout 3… I know, no comparison… but I have not played Vampire at too and I read it is a good game. What to do? What to do??!

Edit: Damn, it’s $9.99!! Thanks Bob!

I don’t think that’s much of a sale given its age and popularity.

It’s a great game, though, and a lot like FO3. If you’re strapped for cash you could find it a lot cheaper used.

He means $9.99.

It’s the same sale I used to grab the game last Halloween, and I’m really glad I did.

I never finished this, I got bored in the sewers.

Thinking of playing it again and I can there are two schools of thought on the unofficial patches. There’s the original unofficial patch 5.7, which has a ‘basic’ mode and a ‘plus’ mode. Alternatively, there’s a ‘true’ patch which just fixes bugs.,1112.msg26132.html#msg26132

Since I’ve played through most of the game already, I’m leaning towards the Unofficial 5.7 ‘plus’ patch so the replay will be different.

Do these patches work with the Steam version?

Yes, I just tried it.

Even the plus patch is not THAT different a game.
It adds some stuff like additional artifacts, it moves many NPCs around a bit, but you still play practically the same game.
It doesnt actually matter that much which version you install IMO.

Sold. I’ve been meaning to pick this up for quite a while. I seem to be going more for budget gaming and catching up on older good games this year (this, Medieval II) and putting off the big new releases. Guess that’s what happens when you have no money.

Any recommendations re: which version of the patch to get as a neophyte? I’m assuming the minor tweaks Therlun references aren’t going to make it that different or compromise the devs’ vision. Is it a better game with the tweaks or without?

Its a bit easier with the plus patch due to the artifacts.

From the maker of the plus patch:
“The most obvious differences between basic and plus are that the later adds a new discipline, several new items, a few xp points, several more chances to raise or loose humanity and improvements to some side-quests as well as making getting them possible for more characters in the first place.”

VtM:B is one of the more memorable gaming experiences I’ve had over the many years. The mansion is still one of my favorites level designs for its creepiness in any of the games I’ve played. I’d highly recommend it, even if just for what I see as an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience.

Given that Tessmage is an internet drama-whore who considers himself far more important than he deserves, I vote for the first.

Um, whoa. If you wander around his site, watch out, it’s very much NSFW.

Also he apparently hated Fallout3 prerelease! Why is it that crazy people and a hatred for FO3 go together so well?

I wonder why, when FO3 plays so similar to Bloodlines. You’d think he would love it.

FO3 plays like Bloodlines?I though FO3 was a wide open world like Morrowind and Oblivion. That is definitely not true for Bloodlines.

It’s a matter of degree. Both games let you wander around. FO3 just gives you a hell of a lot more landscape to wander around in (and actual stuff to do whilst wandering).

Similar wonky real time combat, quest structure, dialogue structure, FP view etc.

OK, so I tried installing the 5.7 patch, and it’s crashed to desktop twice before I’ve even left character creation. It’s uninstalled and I’m going to redownload the unadulterated files.

Was I doing something wrong? I pointed the patcher to the Vampire subfolder in the Steamapps folder. I also didn’t install any official patches first, on the assumption that the Valve copy is the most up-to-date official release.

If I understand you correctly you’re installing it to the folder that says Vampire, you want to do it to the folder that is vampire the masquerade - bloodlines.