OMG wiimotes sighted

I was at a couple of different stores in the Bay Area this morning, a Best Buy and a Target, and they both had plenty of wiimotes, nunchucks and classic controllers available. First time I’ve actually seen that.

Still no actual systems, but could this be an early sign that our long national nightmare might soon be over?

It’s strange how different areas can be – I’ve seen people talking about how there are shortages of Wiis and DS Lites recently, and we’ve got plenty all over the Kansas side of the Kansas City Metro area. I’ve even seen used Wiimotes in some game stores around here.

By plenty I mean four or five immediately visible, but they’re there, at least.

Yeah, count me among the people who has still literally never seen a Wii in the wild.

We’ve got a record store here that has a dozen wiimotes, at least. Didn’t check the nunchucks.

I’m the same. I’m hoping this weekend either Target or Gamestop will give me Wii loving. Sunday morning, I’m waking my wife up early and draggin’ her with me!

I’ve seen accessories readily available for at least the last month and a half, and still never an actual Wii in the wild since I bought mine. The “guaranteed in stock at least for 10 minutes on Sunday morning” ads seem to be happening more frequently though.

I picked up my Wii at launch with an extra Wii Remote and it was only a few hours ago that I was finally able to get a second nunchuk for it. At HMV I just missed out on getting a Wii for my bro by just a few hours so I figure that’s how they had one nunchuk left from their latest shipment. I never thought that this shortage would be going on so long.

I can find Wiimotes anywhere, but nunchuks… nope. I have 3 Wiimotes now (courtesy of WiiPlay and one I found at Walmart a couple months ago) but I can’t find any damn nunchuks to match for the life of me.

No nunchuks here, but plenty of Wii Play (with wiimote), which was a pleasant surprise. I expected that game to vanish off the shelves (what with it being packaged with a remote and all), but … apparently not. Maybe people don’t know it’s packaged thusly?

It vanished pretty quickly for the first month or so.

Now if someone could show me a Bay Area store that actually has Blu-ray copies of Planet Earth on shelves, THEN we’d be in business.

Still have yet to see a Wii system on sale here. However, Target has consistently gotten in remotes and nunchuks since launch. They had 'em tonight when I was there, in fact.

Target near my house has had all the Wii accessories for a month or more now. Never found a Wii though. :(

I walked into a random EBGames 2 days ago, at about 3pm (late lunch, sigh), and they had 2 Wii systems. TWO! I already had one so I don’t need to buy it, but I could have! (EBGames Kanata Centrum, Wednesdays…)

I stopped looking for a Wii. I am at the point where I’ll probably get a PS3 before a Wii.

For Wii parts, (like Wiimotes and nunchuks), I found it was just simpler to get them directly from Nintendo’s Online Store

Unfortunately, you can’t get a base system there.