On CSPAN: Ewwwwwww

Wesley Clark just blew his nose into a handkerchief and then immediately resumed shaking hands with passers-by. Guess he’s running on the nose goblin platform…

Added: now he just picked his nose a little (cleverly disguised as rubbing the nostrils) and continued shaking even more hands. This guy is a walking petri dish…

Now what is this really a political or religious post? Next time take this crap to Everything Else.

I don’t really care, but I did want to make a post and see if I still got the same PHP errors

I was trying to write a post about the ricin in the senate building and it said “no way”, thinking that The Entity was part of the coverup and marvelling at the speed that the conspiracy moved into action.

Hey I thought it was gross - and since it was on CSPAN, the de facto party-independent political channel - I think it belongs right here.

I actually kind of like Clark, but I think I’ll pass on shaking his hand if the opportunity arises, especially if he just had a religious experience on the crapper.

What’s up with people these days? You’d think with indoor plumbing and the germ theory of disease, they’d kind of get it by now. But apparently, not getting it extends to the very elite of western civilization…

Clark is backed by a guy who cums on woman’s clothing, what exactly do you expect? Mr. Manners?

omg double post.

This is the wierdest criticism I’ve ever heard. Does jizzing in the correct spot make you moral?

This is the wierdest criticism I’ve ever heard. Does jizzing in the correct spot make you moral?[/quote]

I’d have a problem with a guy jizzing on his hands right before shaking hands with the public too. After all, I’ve always cum down hard on the There’s Something About Mary platform. However, I don’t even care if Wesley Clark or any other nominee, W included, likes to jizz on women’s clothing while he’s wearing them as long as he does it in the privacy of his own home.

C’mon doesn’t anyone wash their hands any more? Bush is certainly trying to wash his hands of WMDgate, ValerieGate, ServerGate, and EnronGate…