On Deus Ex and a look at Bob Page's Vision

If you haven’t played the game then don’t bother reading this post, it will be valueless to you. Of course if you haven’t played the game then before your next breath you should be on your way to buying the game…

Even though this post deals with specific elements of Deus Ex, it can be expanded if people have other things they want to say about the game.

This is a repost of a reply I made to another person…

In Reply To #24

>There is no such thing as insufficient hummanity. Have you even looked this up how can humans be inadequate to be
>human its a complete contradiction. That is like saying a banana is inadequate to be a banana.

For the Deus Ex world, humanity is in shambles. Human culture has decayed (nothing directly to do with Page), about the only SUCCESS of the times is technological. All DYSTOPIAN worlds have this very feature… it is what dystopia is all about.

Insufficient Humanity?.. Insufficient for humanity’s future. Something else is needed to renew humanity. Renew life. Renew culture.

Enter Bob Page. This radical envisions a solution. Augmented Humanity. He not only is utterly contemptuous of traditional Insufficient Humans, in Page’s reality they DESERVE to die. “Let the bodies pile up in the street”… the bodies are nothing more than the bodies of vermin. Page doesn’t disregard such humans… he in fact regards them as deserving of being a body lying dead in the street. For Page humanity’s destiny is better served by having such humans be lying dead rather than alive. The Gray Death is not only a path to Page’s power but a cleansing of humanity. Weeding out the Insufficient Humans so to speak.

The Gray Death is a NANO-MECHANICAL object. The people who DIE from it are those whose immune systems REJECT it. THINK about it.

Who are the humans who don’t get cleansed? Who are the humans who don’t even sneeze at the Gray Death… who laugh at it?

Yes… the very humans who are RECEPTIVE to nano-augmentation. The very humans who ARE the “Second Men”.

“Let the bodies pile up in the street”… the INSUFFICIENT bodies.

The sufficient ones will be left standing… and already prepared for Augmentation.

Do you guys understand YET? I’m thinking its time Page is UNDERSTOOD. Then you guys can judge him.

Page is introducing a renewal of humanity. A new course for human destiny. A new line of culture. A new HOPE. All according to HIS understanding.

Augmented Humanity. The “Second” Man.

Page is an answer to a problem. The REAL problem in Deus Ex is the conditions that led to the problem that Page is addressing. That’s something that our good friend JC Denton doesn’t address.

JC Denton himself is a “Second” Man. He is a success of Page… part of Page’s vision for the destiny of humanity.

JC Denton “isn’t into books”… I guess he’s into ignorance.

In order to address the problems of Deus Ex the main character had to have been a historian (Denton is anything BUT a historian). Delving into the PAST of humanity rather than the future. But that would have made for a very unusual FPS. And developers (and even more so publishers) don’t exactly like the word “unusual”.

>You really need a new catch phrase for your evolutionary
>theorization of man into machine =)

Man becoming Machine as a result of Insufficient Humanity is really what its all about. Why else would you think man would become machine… a fondness for shiny metallic parts?

What Deus Ex really should have been about and really IS about is a battle… a vicious battle.

Traditional Humans versus Augmented Humans.

Only when THAT question is answered will Page’s Deus Ex destiny be concluded upon. We already know Page’s answer.

What’s yours?

I wonder if Sacrifice has this much backstory?



Bah, it’s still no Flying Heroes :P

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I thought Deus Ex story was about a dock workers strike leaving boxes everywhere and the ability to throw a basketball. THINK ABOUT THAT!!!


Deus Ex changed how I view the world. I discovered a new part of myself that didn’t exist before, because Deus Ex is art. I discovered that if I ever got imprisoned and had all my stuff taken away – all the stuff I’d spent hours crawling around New York on my hands and knees meticulously searching crates for – that I’d just give up on life and never touch it again no matter how easy it was to escape.

Oh, I also learned that violence doesn’t pay because the guy who hands out guns for free yelled at me for killing people.

Brian Koontz, I really hope that was a parody post.

Herr Koontz clearly hasn’t been with us long enough to:

  1. have witnessed the Qt3 Deus Ex debate or understand Tom Chick’s position on the game
  2. understand that overwrought language tends to make an argument less compelling
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Brian Koontz has to be a PoE joke character. Dear God, please let him be a joke character.

You apparently didn’t, unfortunately.

I’m just going to throw out a ‘what the fuck’.

i have been watching for a “yawn” during this entire thread.


True and true, what point does that introduce?

Sometimes you have to use multi-syllabic words. Unfortunate yet true.

Here’s a sentence filled with multi-syllabic words:

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Edit: I’m going to go ahead and say what alot of us are thinking—Have you lost your fucking mind?! Seriously. This post makes the Joe Wang guys on fuckedcompany look like they have somewhat of a grip on sanity.

You’re a fucking moron with the equated intelligence of a rectum-licking ass-hat.

Fuck-ing. Mor-on. E-quat-ed. In-tel-li-gence. Rec-tum. Lick-ing. Ass-hat.

Is that from Pirates of Penzance or The Mikado? I know it’s Gilbert and Sullivan, but I can’t quite place the operetta.


Ok… certainly it helps if I present more of the logic. Oftentimes I expect a lot from the reader… I should know better than to do such a thing in the presence of Met_K (not that his presence could have been predicted).

Part of the Prologue to this post on the forum (which was Planet Deus Ex) was the issue of Bob Page’s motivation for introducing the Gray Death. Debater A (I don’t even remember his name so that’s as accurate as any) stated that Bob Page was an insane powerhungry madman… and in keeping with that stereotype the Gray Death is as good an action as any.

Now… to be fair to anyone Bob Page gets very little screentime in Deus Ex and his motivations are never explicitly covered. JC Denton is even MORE mysterious, but anyway…

Bob Page’s break from the Illuminati was due to them not being aggressive in the areas of applied augmentations and genetic splicing and dicing. Or that is to say, the MJ12 and Versalife facilities could never have been produced by the Illuminati with their particular version of morality.

Now… found in one of Bob Page’s areas are books on the Second Man, which lay the philosophical foundation for Human Augmentation. It is clear that Page is aware of this philosophy.

In order for a human to be receptive to being Augmented in the Deus Ex world, his immune system has to be non-functional with respect to nanites. Or that is to say, his body has to NOT fight off injections of nanites into his system.

Page knows all of this. Page detests the Illuminati philosophy of the “Invisible Hand”… of the Slow approach to technology.

A Dystopian world is a world of Insufficient Humanity. The Illuminati have their version of a solution… the Illuminati Way so to speak.

Page’s Way is simply to bring the Second Man to power, in as quick and impatient a manner as possible.

Or that is to say, to kill off the First Man.

The Gray Death is a nano-mechanical object. Its an INERT object. When introduced into a human the FIRST MAN’s immune system rejects the object. It fails to fight it off, the human gets weaker and weaker and then a traditional illness kills him (much like how AIDS works).

The SECOND MAN’s immune system ACCEPTS the Gray Death and thus the inert object (which in no way harms the human) is simply irrelevant to the health of that human. He is thus “immune” to it.

Or in other words, introducing the Gray Death worldwide kills off the world’s population of First Men and LEAVES Second Men, who are thus obviously READY for the next phase in Page’s plan (other than merging with Helios)… which is to Augment the population.

So, Met_K, you fucking piece of shit… you brainless twit… do you understand now?



Oh God. This is surreal.

Wow. I was going to post that Brian was scary after his first post, but that justification of why he isn’t insane? Pure gold. Met_K, bow down, you have met your insanity troll match.

I can only hope brian has posted other pearls of wisdom elsewhere, that he is so proud of he will rip them out of context (because please dear god, spare us the context of any discussion that results in any of this being the answer) and post them here. At this point, who else is cheering for #24? I know I am.

And I now officially laugh at anyone who took Brian’s original post about doom seriously. He fooled you.



Lots of hot air. Zero content. The Chet Way. All words under 8 letters to accord with the Chet Reading Level.


Looks like somebody can’t count. :-)

I’m all for picking on Chet, but that was one of the very last words in his post. You can do better than that, Koontz!