On july 4th i'm going to play an entire game

what will it be? i have no idea. all i know is i’ll have the day off and my gf won’t, so i’m determined to play an entire game, start to finish-- mostly out of spite at myself for having such a large backlog and rarely completing games i start

maybe this is a bad idea for a thread, so we can ignore it if that’s the case. why i’m making it is to figure out two things: what (if any) couch potatoesque plans have you made for three-day weekends and the like in the past or present, and what game is worth committing our only nationwide day off until fall nears?

in the meantime, i’ll be divvying up a shortlist of options to choose from, since i’m married to whatever i boot up that morning. my ballpark is anything below 14hrs long, and that’s pushing it. 8-10 is ideal. maybe the GTAV gampaign?

here’s a list of popular things i’ve played in case someone has suggestions:

Uncharted 1-3
Last of Us
Mario 3D World
Tomb Raider
Portal 1/2
Walking Dead
Spec Ops the Line
Dead Space 1-3

here’s a list of things i’m considering:

GTAV campaign
Killer is Dead
Saints Row 3 campaign
Wolfenstein New Order

all suggestions open, however. also, if anyone else is in the same boat as me and wants to join up, we should totally find a co-op campaign to tackle. i’ve always been curious about those horrid kane & lynch games

I don’t have a specific suggestion, but probably something with aliens, just so you can say this:

(XCOM, maybe?)

MGR: Revengeance seems like a good one. It’s really fun, ridiculous and funny and quite short. Probably 4 or at most 5 hours. After you get through it once, it’s ridiculously quick to play through on harder difficulties (I think it took me around 2 hours the second time through). If you liked Bayonetta and that style of combat + Kojima’s craziness but with a clearly comical spin, it seems like a good bet.

Saints Row 3 campaign is really great too, but I think doing it in one session would be exhausting. It’s fairly long. I played it over multiple days and had to push myself to keep playing a few times. That said, it’s constantly inventive and brimming with ideas which may ease single session playthrough, whereas MGR is much more focused and consistent throughout.

This sounds like a noble pursuit.

I always try to set similar goals when I know I’ll have the house to myself for a big chunk of time. Sadly, I’ll be with my g/f on July 4th, but we might get some co-op time in.

Last year’s couch conquests were 40k Space Marine and XCom:EU. Space Marine was a nice, bite-sized chunk. Steam says I played for 14 hours, but I’m sure it could be done in less.

My next couch-based games will probably be:

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (a super-arcadey flight ‘sim’ with story scenes and pretty modern airplanes. I was partway through and mostly enjoying it ~9 months ago, but I haven’t had a chance to set up my ‘xbox’ laptop since then).

Batman (Arkham city or Arkham Asylum)

Darksiders (if I can stick with it–I doubt the action gameplay will appeal to me as much without the future-fantasy madness of the 40k universe)

Homefront (I’m not 100% sure this will play well with an Xbox controller, but it sounds neat)

Mark of the Ninja (started this last summer but only got ~30 mins in).[/spoiler]

there must be a way to combine these two

i’m sure i can make that work. it does remind me that i have an unplayed copy of that Bureau: XCOM game, but i like this MGR:Revengeance recommendation

also in a strange twist it sounds like my gf will be banned from working the 4th, which means my plans are drastically changed. she’s wanted to check out Revengeance, though, so maybe we’ll make a day of that. or, now that i can local co-op, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. i’m just lying to myself, though. the reality is that we’ll probably end up going out and doing something patriotic

so i revise my goal: “on july 5th i’m going to play an entire game

MrPinguin’s situation sounds similar to mine, which i don’t know why i thought would be uncommon. i’ve been eying those batman games for a while, too, but can’t stand the hulking masses that the characters are

Saints Row 3 is great, but way too long to enjoy it if you’re powering through the game that quickly. GTA 5 is another you won’t finish, and Wolfenstein New Order’ll be cutting it close. Killer is Dead & the Kane Lynch series’ll probably be around 6 hours each.

July 4th? Saints Row 4.

Playing an open world game under time constraints is stupid. They’re usually about letting your impulses take lead, driving you around a huge, varied playground. Don’t force yourself through them just for the sake of finishing it in a day.

I suggest you go for Revengeance or Killer is Dead. They’re short, focused and very dense with action.


Definitely this. It also has aliens in it.

I suggest 1001 Spikes or Shovel Knight. The focussed, linear nature of a platformer is very suitable for marathon sessions.

I will be starting Take Everything Off The Shelves And The Tops Of The Living Room Furniture And Move The Furniture Out So The Tile Installers Can Put In A New Floor Monday v. 1.3 with the Aching Back mod installed. I expect to be playing it all weekend.

I have nothing to add except that I love that phrasing.

great selling point but i think i have to play saints row 3 first in order to get all the jokes. i should probably play saints row 1/2 to get all the jokes in SR3 as well but can’t stand the way those games handle

looking forward to getting my hands on this one when housing prices drop in the bay area or i move someplace cheaper

Dark Souls 1. No way you would ever get frustrated enough to quit before the day was out.

You know he doesn’t actually say “Earf”, right? That’s just some racist meme.

Hmm. Good point. I was a bit suspicious of that ‘quote’, but I just assumed it was related to his speaking with a cigar in his mouth.

However, this youtube video reminded me that he’s not yet smoking the cigar when he says it (and he does say ‘Earth’).

And googling it led me to this educational video on the ‘McGurk Effect’. (Thanks IGN forums!)

PS: Does anyone here still play LotR Online? My gaming goal for the 4th is now to get my g/f into a new co-op game, so it’s either LotRO or Path of Exile.

I honestly had no idea. I only saw the movie once, years ago, and this was the only (pre-made) meme I could find with a quick google image search, and like MrPinguin I assumed it was because of the cigar. I apologize.

I’d suggest “Papers, Please”, the Communist border-police simulator. You can get to one of the 20 endings very quickly. You may not get all of the endings in a day, but you have a shot. $9.99 at Steam right now, though sometimes it goes on sale for less. http://store.steampowered.com/app/239030/

And it does involve aliens – that is, non-citizens. Ha!

Of course this time I find one instantly: