On the Lot (American Idol for movies)

Yeah, I started watching. You do not get to see much film making, but you do get to see the results of some talented young filmakers operating within the constraints of a theme/concept they are given. Telling a comedic story in one minute that has enough elements to be cohesive and flow seems incredibly difficult, but a lot of the contestants did amazing things with one minute.

Gary Marshall and Disturbia’s director (D.J. Carlson maybe?) were the judges last night along with Carrie Fisher. With the pre-screenings, their comments are prepared and many times a bit stiff, but they seemed to get better as the show progressed with the exception of the Princess. Fisher just rambled and stumbled and blech. The whole thing is a bit awkward as they built 2 hours worth of show around 18 minutes worth of film. The host, while arguablt hot, makes so many hand motions that it is enormously distracting. It is still pretty interesting overall, especially, when you watch it and contrast these folks with the contestants on A.I.

There are now 18 contestants of like 50-something left. Results tonight. 12 more weeks. Probably will watch a bit more as there is little on I am really watchin right now on a regular basis.

Curious if there were any others who gave it a shot.

I watched most of it last night. Missed some cuz I was doing laundry. What I caught was generally enjoyable though. I’m bummed I missed the one set in the lab though. The roomie said it was the best of the night.

Yeah, that was pretty amazing. And the film he did with 2 others in an earlier episode where time stopped was pretty amazing as they had to do it in a 24 hour period. I am pretty sure they are all on Fox’s website for the show.

I guess as many contestants as they are featuring, the earlier episodes are going to be a bit rough. Once they are each given more resources and different assignments and longer periods of time, I think it will be even more enjoyable.

I’ve been watching. If there was something better, I most likely wouldn’t have checked it out. So far though it’s pretty good.

Yesterday’s episode finished fifth in its timeslot with barely 3m viewers. What happens when these reality contest shows tank early and they pull them? Do they just send everyone home, no prize?

The results show last night was brutal to watch. The hostess is trying so hard to be Ryan Seacrest and build suspense, but many time she looked nervous like it was really straining her to remember all she had to do even with her notecards. Ugh, it was painful.

The show isn’t interesting enough to warrant a results show (not that American Idol is either, but that’s another topic). Some of the one minute shorts were pretty impressive though.

I’m clearly a child, because I thought “Replication Theory” was a pure slice of comic genius.

Most of the clips are on YouTube for those who didn’t catch the show and only care about the movies. They say the films are available on their website, but hell if I can figure out that place. It’s a mess.

The show website is indeed a dog’s breakfast. Can’t find anything there.

The only things remotely interesting about this show are the final movies. But then again, there’s Atom Films and You Tube for stuff like that. The rest of the junk they wrap around the movies basically sucks. I doubt we’ll see the end of this one.

I dunno. I guess I’ll keep watching as there is nothing else on, but there will be a shitload of FF-ing going on.

Re-vamped. Just one, 1-hour show a week. Trimmed down. Much better.

Michael Bay came off as a complete dick. He epitomizes why this show is bound to fail. Hollywood is filled with people who attempt take everyone else around them down because the stakes are so high, and the chances are so few. Every single one of those film makers were his competition, and he knew it, and he showed it.

A guy who made a 180 minute movie about a WWII battle that lasted only 110 minutes does not have the right to tell anyone to “tighten up” anything.

He really did come off as a dick.

The only movies he praised were from those that created a movie he would never be associated with (example: Gay Indian Comic).

Ok Andrianna Costa’s dress last night. Talk about distracting. Her left boob kept wandering way off into left field.

Polished is my pick from last night.

“Dance with the Devil” pissed me off. Hey dude, Tony Scott called, he wants his style back.

And the “who needs film school” guy with the pretentious film about boozing in a waterfall and hugging his dead father? MOST EMO SHIT EVER.

This really is train-wreck TV. Fox could pull it and replace it with WORLD’S MOST AWFUL TRAIN WRECKS and it would still be less of a train wreck.

It’s amazing it’s still on the air given the ratings. I wonder if Spielberg/Burnett are exercising some leverage in forcing Fox to let it go its full run. The ratings are so tiny they barely move the needle. Fox has cancelled shows with SEVEN TIMES the audience this is getting.

Holy crap she was hot.

Carrie Fisher just needs to not talk. Whoever thought she was a good idea to be s spokesjudge on a show like this must have owed her a favor.

I agree with Whitta on both those movies. I realize you need confidence and a “Vision” ™ to be in that industry, but those guys seemed more smug than cocky.

I voted for the dress to win last night.

What I don’t get is, I’ve seen lots and lots and lots of really great little short films from amateur/guerilla film-makers over the years. The talent is out there, why couldn’t they get ANY of it on this show?

Yeah, the guy with the emo music video…his first short in the competition was a disaster. It was unfunny, looked horrible, and made no sense. Luckily (for him not us), his family was bigger than that of the losers for the week and they called enough to keep him around.

I will give them some leeway as they are under time constraints and I would imagine resource constraints to put some of these projects together, but some of it is awful.

God, I hate Tony Scott. Especially since he’s competent when he isn’t screaming YOU’RE WATCHING ONE OF MY MOVIES I AM ARTSY WATCH THIS PLEASE BOOM POW CUT FADE NEGATIVE BLUR YOU’RE WATCHING A MOVIE. And then back to competence. He absolutely shits on his own movies.


Heh it’s kind of funny to think that the ratings for this show are so low that rallying all your friends and family to vote for you could actually have a real statistical impact.