On the origins of "Sweet Baby Jeebus!"

So, can anyone shed any light on this particular meme? I’ve used it myself when making fun of TV Preachers but don’t know the origin.

The Simpsons?

Yeah, I only heard “Jebus” get popular after a Simpsons episode where Homer had reason to exclaim “But I don’t even believe in Jebus!” That was probably anywhere from five to ten years ago, thus placing it somewhere in Season 538.

Jebus is definitely from Homer, but the sweet baby part I’m not sure about.

Sounds like a mashup of the Simpsons bit and the professor’s “Sweet zombie Jesus!” from Futurama.

I remember the line “Save me Jebus!” in the episode about missionaries. Probably the same episode.

Yup, same ep.

Homer: South Pacific? I didn’t agree to –
[Lovejoy shuts the door on him, and taxis down the runway. Homer gets out of his seat and runs to the cockpit]
Wait, I’m no missionary! I don’t even believe in Jebus! Let me out.
Pilot: Sorry, no can do.
[Homer runs to the door and pounds on it. Cut to a shot outside one of the door window]
Homer: Oh, save me Jebus!
[the plane flies off into the sunset]

Jebus is Simpsons.

“Sweet baby Jesus” is just a phrase that televangelists ad charismatics tend to toss around to express that even as a baby Christ was good natured. Tim Curry was a sweet transvestite, Jesus was a sweet baby.