On The Rainslick Precipice of Darkness - EULA

Don’t believe I’ve seen something similar of such a thread before.
So how many of you have read PA’s game’s EULA?

Compliance with Ratings. To keep the politicians from carrying through on their threats to decide what video games you should and shouldn’t be able to play (and what developers can and can’t create), we need to make sure you understand the rating given to the Program is important and that you agree to use the Program in accordance with its rating.

Linking it or quoting relevant bits would be a good start, since I’m certainly not the only one who isn’t about to go dig it up for the purposes of your thread.

Good point. Edited in one of the cute tidbits.

Nice! Also, thanks for the reminder that PA: Ep. 2 is out. Now that I’m done with Fallout 3 for awhile, I need to download it.

Good job for them. Bad time to release Episode 2 though, what with the enormous fall rush of games. Hell, I haven’t even finished Episode 1 yet!

I waiting until Episode 2 is 10 bucks on Steam. It’s supposed to be 4 episodes, so that’s 40 dollars if I buy all of them that way. That seems about right.

I’m waiting for all the episodes to be a bundle on XBLA. It’s not as if I lack games and other things to do now!