Once again, I'd like to reiterate

Fuck Apple.


Oh please.

edit: I can’t read the actual article, it’s not loading correctly for me this morning, I just get tons of white space and then the user comments, but I’ve heard about this Mac clone thing from some other sites in response to it. So maybe this article has newer information or paints a different picture than what I’ve read elsewhere, but assuming it doesn’t, I’ll refer you to my initial statement.

Apple doesn’t want to taint it’s product by putting it in an ugly PC box (they tried that once in the 90’s, didn’t work too well). I’d go after the company, too.

It sounds like Pystar could get away with it if they require the end user to install Leopard, instead of having it pre-installed.

Either way, why live your life in fear of the next Software Update disabling your OS?

Also, Psystar raises a lot of questions on its own: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/04/15/so_exactly_who_or_what_is_psystar_we_dig_a_little.html

I think the biggest legal challenge is how they get around the EFI firmware Leopard needs.

But, yeah, Apple has shown no reluctance in bricking their own devices; they’d have a field day with this.

To paraphrase the Blue Jeans Cable guy “Not only am I not intimidated with bricking devices; sometime I (Apple) rather miss it.”

Well, it’s kind of an interesting case. Preinstalling OSX clearly breaks the EULA, but wait a second, aren’t EULAs unenforcable bullshit?

Bypassing the EFI firmware and TPM on the other hand pretty clearly breaks the DMCA, which is enforceable.

You mean like all those people running unlocked iPhones?

Is the EFI encrypted? I don’t see how DMCA even comes into the picture in this case.

Some of which got bricked when they upgraded.

They should just sell OSX separately and compete head on with the Evil Empire.

The big problem with Windows is getting shit to run on a variety of hardware. Apple is having a hell of a time with graphics drivers as it is.

While Apple is missing a true consumer-level tower, I’m also not sure how out of whack their prices really are when you match the specs up. But I haven’t matched a MP Pro against a high-end laptop.

A mid-level headless tower has been something I’ve wanted for awhile now but Steve won’t listen to me, dammit!

50% discount off of Apple’s overpriced hardware seems like a reasonably compelling reason.

Assuming you think 10.5.2 is divinely inspired code and have no desire to upgrade to 10.5.3 or later.

That right there is the strength of Apple, a closed system. I’m sure they have no desire to wade into the compatibility morass that is the PC world.

what the hell is wrong with? this isn’t “fuck apple” this is “fuck psystar” who repackage and sell all the free hobbyist work that insanelymac etc. put together, thereby drawing unwanted attention from apple corporate.

psystar are fucking leeches. it’s likely a scam where they’re not legit and a scam on another side if they are.

What’s in it for Apple?

What’s in it for Apple?

Exactly. A few journos have suggested this as well and the reply from the Apple fan camp is always the same - “What’s in it for Apple?” There’s almost zero upside to them selling OSX seperately and allowing it to be installed on any computer the user can string together.

Apple has spent years formulating this high end image and they aren’t going to throw that away and start slogging through the same mud Microsoft has had to dwell in since the beginning of Windows. No way.

Guys, this is a huge hoax.

There’s no business related to Psystar at the address they list on their own homepage. Tons of other weirdness as well. Check it out on Gizmodo - they’re doing some investigative reporting on it.

My guess is that this is a phishing scam. Wonder how many people bought it.

No, but the TPM it interfaces with is, not that it matters. Under the DMCA, any method used to circumvent a protection scheme is illegal. Remember, the CDs that couldn’t be ripped until you rubbed a magic marker around the edges? That magic marker was illegal.

And some of which then got unbricked by a later update. I haven’t seen any evidence that Apple intentionally bricked any phones, although they certainly didn’t go out of their way to avoid doing so.