Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Saw this last night, and man, it was like Desperado but with all capital letters and extra awesomeness. Johnny Depp is running away with the greatest characters of the year award as he has tied himself for 1st, roughly a million places ahead of the next place guy. He steals scenes he isn’t even in.

The chain swinging action sequence is one of the more inventive sequences I’ve seen.

In short, if you liked Desperado, you’ll love Once Upon… Just a fantastic piece of stylistic overfilmmaking.

Good to hear! I’m seeing this on friday. I picked up the Desperado/El Mariachi dvd set the other day. Good stuff.

Shit. I’m gonna be in St. Louis this weekend, and I’m not wasting my limited time there in a theater.

I’m gonna have to catch it on Monday.

Machfive, you posted to name drop a city most of us would avoid visiting (sorry Mark) and let us know you won’t being seeing the movie discussed?

Wow! Thanks! Will you be eating at Arby’s this weekend? I am dying to know.


Okay, that was pretty fucking funny. From this point on I’m going to be rolling with Chet’s punches. Bring it, bitch. :)

mmmm… I may be presuming, but might I recommend the Giant Roast Beef combo… super-size it, you can’t lose with those delicious curly-fries and I usually go with a diet coke accompaniment…

I’ve never been a fan of roast beef sandwiches. To me, the only proper way to serve up roast beef is a thick slice, on a plate, with mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, and some cornbread.

It’s not a sandwich meat in my eyes. And everything else on Arby’s menu is overpriced considering its fast-food underpinnings. 4 bucks for a BLT? I can get a fresh, delicious one from my local diner for $2.50, and that one won’t give me heartburn.

Their curly fries are heaven, though.

You’re funny when you’re criticizing the silliest little things. I just thought I’d waste another one of my tightly rationed posts to tell you that your antics provide me with endless amusement.[/quote]
Hey… it’s his bandwidth you’re sucking up with those pointless posts!

That was funny, though.

I love that. Gotta watch the weight, you know!