One does not simply walk into the high-def era with Battle for Middle-earth

Thanks to a couple of dedicated modders, there is now a way to get the game to look as good as Peter Jackson’s green-screen adventures.

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Oh my! Time to find my install cds!

This is the RTS Tom loves that will never get a digital release, right?


I’ve played the second one, which is amazing, but I recently scored a copy of the first, so this is a perfect time to install it.

Now that this is being reported by news sites, Cease and Desist in 3…2…

You guys are in luck, you can get the anthology on Amazon! It will only cost you 1 kidney, so you should still be able to play after the surgey.

Yeah, it’s a crime these aren’t available digitally.

Surely they are “available” digitally.

So I installed the game itself, and then tried to install the All in One launcher before adding the HD patch, and it keeps 404ing out, which is annoying.

Alright, I had to patch the game manually by finding the 1.03, then 1.05 patches, then installing their launcher thingy. Once I did that, I installed the HD patch and it worked! Game looks nice, started a Good Campaign and wow it’s fun.

Great! Now send me your discs!

Over my dead god damned body. I scoured ebay and reddit loooong and haaaaard for these.

TMI, dude.

I hope they do this for BfME2, which was the far better game. The original is a broken mess by comparison.

Huh, I just started it but I’m liking it so far.

That might already exist:

Which seems to be compatible with the BfME2 and expansion unofficial patches:

Nice find! Can confirm it works with the 1.09 patch as well! Looks really great.