One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


Ok, I’m not a fan of fighting games. At all. Memorizing all those combos? Nah, not for me. Which is why One Finger Death Punch could be the greatest indie fighting game ever. It’s not really a fighting game though, not in the traditional sense, but it is a game about punching people in the face, or slicing them with swords, or smashing them with maces, or even skewing them with laser swords (oh yes). It’s all about timing and establishing a rhythm, reading where your enemy is out of the oncoming onslaught, how they need putting down, and then executing it carefully. The end result is one of those games that puts a huge grin on my face, as I actually feel like a badass kung fu master because it flows like the best action movies. Its deceptively simple mechanics appear to open up considerably as you progress into the game, although it’s difficult to judge from the PC demo which ends just as it’s starting to really get interesting. The stick figure aesthetic for the characters is deliberate and, for once, works pretty well, although they’re considering updating it for the PC version (I hope they don’t, it’s not necessary).

It’s been released already on XBLIG (which we don’t get here in Australia) for 80 Moon Points and coming to the PC later in the year. There’s a fairly short demo available at their website, at the very least check out the trailer which should give you some idea. I discovered this through Greenlight so hopefully it’ll arrive on Steam at some point.


That actually looks awesome. Obviously very reminiscent of those stick fighter flash/youtube videos.


The term you’re looking for is “beat-'em-up,” not “fighting game.”


“fighting game” is my affectionately derogatory term for beat-em-ups, because I am useless at them.


Wow, love the look and the way they talk about the unique utilization of the controller and the vibrating feedback. Will be grabbing this one later tonight.

Thanks for the heads up!


The problem with that is “fighting games” are already a thing. So it makes as much sense as calling strawberries blueberries because you don’t like strawberries.


No, it’s more like callling strawberries blueberries because I thought they tasted the same having not tried either for years. At least I learned something here. According to wikipedia, fighting games are one-on-one combat games against opponents of comparable strength (eg. Street Fighter), whereas beat-em-ups are one-on-multiple combat games against waves of weaker opponents (eg. Renegade). I admit, I had no idea, but as someone unfamiliar with the form at least I didn’t call them action RPGs.


It’s also acceptable to call “beat em ups” “brawlers”, in my opinion.


lol - gotta give you credit, there. I agree with everyone else, though - this looks awesome.


There is also a fighting game along the same lines coming out called Dive Kick which only has 1 attack.


Played the demo and I couldn’t stop smiling, just a great little game. Feels very smooth and polished. Really hoping they get onto Steam, I think they deserve it!


Wow! This game made me feel young again. Just awesome.
Here is the link for the PC demo that can be found in the other thread.

Now it will be available in both threads, and this should be as accessible as possible.


Not only is it acceptable, but it’s encouraged (by me). I think it’s a much more accurate term.

Side note: “Beat em up” sounds like “shoot em up”, which is an associated genre. (scroll in one direction punching things vs scroll in one direction shooting things). “shoot em up” is often abbreviated to shmup. Does that mean these kinds of games are Bemups?!


These guys have an interesting catalog of games.





Really? I would have picked “Who’s the Daddy? 2” in the section simply marked “Girls”.


Thanks, belouski, for adding that demo link here. I have no idea why the search engine couldn’t find that thread. I blame the band Five Finger Death Punch.


Heh, appearently just a failed attempt at humor on my side.
I was trying to subtly suggest 'shopping the cover to say TOM instead of BOOM.

That said, I would even check out a few demos of theirs for the heck of it, but I don’t have an XBox.



I call them “btmups” in text all the time, actually.


Someone remind me where the overworld music came from. It might be public domain. I just remember hearing it in another game.