One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


Looks like someone is using the system as a basis for a mobile game. It’s called Hair Dash. Not out yet.


Hey there ! We’re the small team of 2 developers behind Hair Dash, thanks for your interest :) Indeed, we based ourselves on the very simplistic and efficient system seen in OFDP (tap left to attack left, tap right to attack right) for Hair Dash, but with our own special tricks!

If you’re interested in being updated about the game, you can follow us on our twitter @CleanCutGames , we plan a release around February but might have a public beta available sooner than that.


An announcement post as elaborate as the game itself. That’s it right there. You just read all of it.




I’m reserving that exclamation for Devil May Cry 5. But this should be fun. Assuming they don’t mess it up!


I’m not sure my fingers can take it anymore!


Videos here and here.

These appear to be very far along, and the website says they’re going to be working on it for another whole YEAR.


Nice, tonfas.


Looks amazing already.




I love OFDB on above 360 Indie games. Hope this comes to the Xbone as well.


How was this not updated?




I got to play a bit of this in the IGF competition and it’s definitely OFDP! I was a little disappointed that some of the UI stuff seemed to have taken a slight step back, but there’s plenty of time to fix that, and I’d probably get used to it anyway. What I was really curious about was the campaign/advancement approach in the new one, but that wasn’t evident from the demo I got to play, so… still a mystery (to me)!


I’m not sure that I can play this game anymore. The tendons in my fingers get sore very easily these days, and trying to complete the last game was probably partly responsible for that! (probably not, but damn it hurt for a couple of days afterwards).

The first promo video makes it look great, the second “full stage” video makes it look too busy (although obviously that’s from one of the later stages).


I HIGHLY suggest trying with a controller rather than a mouse. While the controller is a bit slower, I found it caused much less strain for me.


There’s a demo on Steam.

It’s pretty much everything you could ask for out of a sequel. It looks better and the new additions seem well balanced. I did just notice a mash QTE at the end of level 2 so let’s hope those aren’t too hard.

Even a controller is a bit hard on my elbow so I don’t know if I’ll really play this. The gamepad control scheme is still X and B (across the buttons). I remember in the first game I had to remap this to X and Y (next to each other) to make it more comfortable. It’s also easier but that’s okay.


Other than the button mash, everything else looked awesome. I like the American Tax Day release to provide psychic release via digital mayhem.


Motherfucknig HORSE LEVEL!

There’s a lot more here than was in the IGF demo, which is awesome to see. I think a few of the UI issues that bugged me are mostly fixed. I’m not a huge fan of the giant hero/god characters that show up in the background on some hits, but I’m getting used to them.

This is going to be amazing.


A few quick notes:

You can’t save in the demo, so be sure to play through the tutorial and a few missions.

Price will be $8.