One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


Sure, I’m just saying I’ve tried the mouse and the controller and the controller, to me, feels better and more fluid.


Well, two buttons, really, but yeah.

Personally I prefer to use the keyboard and the left and right arrows, but that’s me.


Roughly 7 hours until the second coming.


Ah, what a time it was, 7 hours ago, before the game was released!


Manual is out too.


That’s great.

Also, keyboard FTW. I gave up on mouse after tutorial stage 9 where I got my ass handed to me because my hand seized up! Switched to keyboard and OMG so much better. Didn’t quite knock Rubin’s survival score off, but he’s been playing for longer. It’s only a matter of time.


I’ve only unlocked 126 achievements so far. More practice needed, clearly.


Hold on, it has native keyboard support? I don’t remember that from the first game.


I can’t remember if the first game did or not, but this one definitely does.


First one did. It’s the way I prefer to play, too.


Please friend “belouski” on Steam, so I have someone other than @krayzkrok to compete against.

Hell, I’ll buy you the game.


Friend request sent!


Thanks Brian!


Sent too!


Games sent to @robc04, @rhamorim @lordkosc and @sharaleo

I’ve got one other friend on Steam whose handle I don’t recognize, so just PM me to identify yourself


Are we face punching in the first game?

I don’t yet have the second.


Now you do! Or, at least you should. Let me know if it doesn’t show up.



Why thank you good sir!


Thank you again! I just completed tutorial scenario 10. When does survival unlock?


After you finish the tutorials.