One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


Challenge accepted. My latest score was this morning with no glasses, half-asleep, so let’s see how I do fully awake! HAHAHHA


Yeah, but you’ll be thinking of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw the whole time and lose your focus. HAHAHHA




Well…well…Umm, I was wide awake, comfortable and well-fed :-)


Devs said they had nothing to do with the mobile version other than selling the license, they didn’t like the result so they’re doing all the porting themselves this time (which could take a while, they admit).

Impressions? I’m still at the “OMG it’s so good” stage so hard to be objective. The main thing I’ve noticed is that I suck a lot harder at it, which could mean it’s tougher & faster, or that I’m seriously rusty.


I want more horsie stages. That’s my impression.


I presume you can increase the frequency by putting three gems into it, right? I’ve put three into Earthquake (my favourite “saved at the last moment” from the original) and it triggers quite often.


Wow, super thanks dude, very generous of you!


Sent a friend invite. On Steam I’m arrendek but the display name is cornflakes.


Thanks for all the invites!


Hmmm, not bad for my first try. You all have a score to beat ;)


Looks like @rhamorim and @belouski jumped ahead on the friend high scores for survival!


Holy crap


That is a great score @rhamorim! Crazy you got that on your first try. I just played my second attempt at survival and still fell well short of your score, but did manage to move ahead of @belouski. I was able to start on the 4th level of the tower do I did get a 10X score multiplier.

It was difficult to jump right into it without ‘warming up’ with an easier level first.


I am doing my best to remain in last place. :D

But @krayzkrok 's days are numbered!


Actually, it was my second try, because without unlocking higher tiers of the survival tower, you can’t get the multipliers you need for that kind of score. ;)


Keep it up, dude, or I’m going to have to get serious!


Ahhhh, ok that makes sense. I only tried once, got 498 kills, which seemed not too bad until I saw the global leaderboard.


Also OFDPttF2 had a long tutorial! I was like more? More? Moar? MOAR?

But it did a great job of teaching just about everything.


Should I admit that I died on stage 9 of the tutorial? No, probably not.

Oh right, I already did earlier! I’m scarred.