One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


I remember that being the case too, but I don’t think I’ve reawakened my OFDPTTF skills enough as yet.


Friend me on Steam, OFDPunchers!



Now that you mention it yes, I do remember that being great from the first game. Obviously I haven’t yet regained that level of skill to be able to look forward them. Steam says I put 7 hours into the original, but I mostly played it offline during a project in a remote community so it was probably double or triple that.


Just played Survival for the first time and sort of kept going until somewhere in Tier 5 my wrist basically gave out.

5 stars


Damn, I need to practice more.


Just realized I can double the length of my run potentially if I could switch from one hand to the other when the first gives out. Hmmmmm

Time to learn to be semi-ambidextrous, but for this one thing.


Therein lies the path of true wisdom.


I have redeemed myself.


That is a nice score, about double what I just got. Two other scores are above me too, but much closer.

Question to you and anyone else: How much does getting gems help in survival? I have the 5 I got from playing through the tutorial levels, but then I started doing survival. Should I be doing more of the campaign to help my survival scores?


Most definitely. Skills are crucial.


OK, thanks. I’ll mix in some campaign with my playing. Probably a good warmup before jumping into the tower too!


As arrendek pointed out earlier, each tier increases your multiplier, so while it gets harder your score also goes up faster. The 66k was 998 kills at tier 4, then I did a poor tier 5 round due to my hand starting to seize up, 250 kills roughly gave me 44k, so it seems to go up exponentially. I reckon we’ll all get a lot higher than that before this is over!

Survival is really where the game is at its most pure. Once you’re in the zone, usually triggered by a particularly bangin’ music track starting, the game just flows, it’s beautiful. But yes, you need those gems to increase the chances of abilities triggering. I got saved quite a few times by the brawler and boss kill abilities!


90K. You da man krok. I just unlocked level 5, but I need to go to work.

Thanks to my wife offering to walk the dog, I was able to make another couple of runs and get the high score. Who will be the first over 100K?


raises hand

Started my second survival play, this time on tier 5. I made it to tier 6, so I’ll try that one for my third survival play.

Adopted a strategy of putting one hand on the arrow keys and the other on Q and E so I could swap back and forth at will. Worked pretty well, I died before my wrist gave out this time.


Ugh, I was a long ways away from tier 6, so I don’t think I’ll be reclaiming hi score for a while. Back to the Levels and grabbing some more Skills.

Has anyone tried the Revenge Tokens yet? Looks like they are a way to avoid getting stuck in the Levels. I remember there were some dead ends for me in the first game because there was just no way I could beat some of the levels.


I’ve not used a revenge token, apparently they increase your hit range and trigger some kind of health regeneration, so very useful for getting past a tough level as a last resort.


Through tier 6 now, made it to tier 7. Did a little skill point gathering ahead of time this time… first couple plays were like 6 skill gems and 9, I think, respectively? This time I had 17. Skill gems make a huge difference. My favorite is the Horse Game because you get to pause at the end and get a drink and give your wrists a break and come back a couple minutes later. Found this out when my wife texted me to get her a drink (she’s stuck getting the kids to go to sleep).

Points definitely blow up over time. I’d cleared my prior high score less than half way through tier 6.

Big fan of the guy who comes out and says “Ball Smasher!” Makes me chuckle every time.

Two hand method is really good, except discovered a (dumb on my part) flaw. I let my left hand start resting and didn’t notice I was holding down the Q key with it and my dude just sort of froze since the game didn’t know what to do anymore with what my right hand was doing. Thought it was a glitch. It happened right as I crested the tier 6->7 boundary and I went directly from 6 hearts to “last chance”. The sword you get at that point is super awesome, almost makes me wonder if it would be worth starting off going straight to 1 heart to get it and then see if you can heal back up to 10 with horse games, knife games, and medics.


Oh, nice score! I’ll be trying my best later to catch you.

That would be worthy of an achievement! But I’ve often done my best work with that final sword, it’s empowering.


Oh my god, it’s not happening at all tonight. I was doing so badly on the main campaign that it dropped my speed multiplier from 1.92 to 1.54, and HOLY SHIT HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT 4 SKULLS DOOR???!?!??!?!

I got barely halfway through that sequence and it was moving too fast for my eyes to keep track of. I guess that’s why it has four skulls on it. :)

I’ve finished a coffee so let’s see if that helps.


I gave up on the skull door as well. @arrendek - please tell me there are only five levels! I made it pretty far into the 5th level, but still gave up.

It is going to take me quite a while to even reach 17 skills, but it is some comfort that it partially explains my inferior score. We must not forget that OFDPTTF2 is not about hi scores, but reaching enlightenment. Obviously, some of us are just more enlightened than others since they have such a high frikken score.