One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


My new nemesis in this game is the ball of death. I seem to remember loving the ball of death in the original, but here it just causes me to mistime my hits and generally gets in the way. In survival mode I groan when one appears, and just try to ignore it and allow it to time out lest it lead to yet more misses. Is it just me?


It was the same way in the first game.


I find that it generally lets me be sloppier with my timing if I’m just keeping in mind which side of the screen it’s on. But I agree that in the first game it was a really satisfying timing challenge that was maybe my favorite thing in the game. I’ve been wondering if OFDP2 is just generally faster than the first game, or maybe if it’s in closer to the characters (giving you less room to either side) and that that is compromising some of the room you had to get your timing right with the ball (and also throwing mode). Or maybe there used to be some kind of built-in slow-down with the ball of death? Either way, it doesn’t work as nicely as it used to.


I kinda feel the same way with the laser sword as well, just not quite as satisfying as it was in the original (the swoosh sound is a LOT quieter, which might be all it is). In every other aspect the sequel is superior for me, but just those two niggles.


Not just you. In the first one, I smiled every time a ball of death appeared. It was a major part of my “tactics”, so to speak, in that game. But something changed in the sequel. Not sure what, but I’m now a lot less effective using the ball of death. I think the main factor is that the rate of throwing weapons is higher now, and the dodge/block/catch/deflect attacks now really mess with the timing, and since those are plentiful, it’s very difficult to use a ball of death properly. Or maybe I’m just rusty. I don’t know.


Just got in a super-relaxed flow state for the evening, fought through an entire map in the campaign to get 7 or 8 skill points (they get real stingy for a couple maps and then real generous for the next!), and then played an epic run in survival that got me into the top tier.


What gets me is that your global rank is now lower than it was when I first checked your previous high score a few days ago, which was just over half what you have now. For some reason the pace of people getting ridiculously high scores is accelerating. I guess more people are getting further through the campaign and reaching tier 10.

The other day I felt that tier 7 was my skill ceiling. I no longer feel that way, but you’re right - it’s all about getting into that super relaxed state where everything just flows easily.

[edit] Ok, tier 8 is my skill ceiling! Maybe. I even had a coffee, but it got way too fast for me by 900 kills, and I wasn’t in the chill zone. Also, new nemesis! Target kill stages. The 4 skull door on the desert map requires 25 target kills (ie. kill targeted enemies with a thrown weapon or gun). I find that hard enough when the limit is 5, but I don’t seem to be very good at actually recognising when I’m holding a weapon. At least not in the midst of a massive furball.


I plan to take the advice of the game and play this in short bursts. Maybe 20 minutes per night. I’ll focus on grinding for skill gems before I dive into survival.

So I’ll destroy all your high scores in about 2 months.


Well, I had a pretty lousy run at Tier 10 and still beat my last high score by a little bit, so that multiplier really makes a big difference. There are also a few surprises at Tier 10…


So what is the tier 10 multiplier? x150… x200… :o




I am no longer in last place!

@BrianRubin the shame is yours.


Sorry, too busy playing Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.


By the time it releases you will have 700 hours played and be bored with it! :P




Wow, there’s been some serious work put in since I last checked a few hours ago! What the hell is going on @nightgaunt?


Yes, but now your honor is on the line!
Plus you can crank out a couple missions on the map to get another gem and play a round of survival in 30 minutes or so.


I think the scores at Tier 10 indicate a lot of playtime or a spectacular run or something, but it’s not really the case. I played three or four survival attempts yesterday, got a little bit further than I had a couple of times, and inched up the leaderboards a bit. But points-wise, I think it looks like a lot.


I got the demo and was thinking it was insanely fast. I had gotten through the first difficulty of the first one, and this seemed to be insane. Then I noticed that there is a manual speed option and mine was set at 2.5. Moving that back down to default made such a difference that I kept striking too early…

I’m in. I’ll try to add some of you as friends. I’m “effidian” on steam.


The challenge is getting to tier 10. Yesterday was a disaster, but I was tired. You can’t be tired playing this game, but late night is the only chance I get to play it at the moment. Caffeine helps sometimes, but last night I was sound asleep 30 minutes after a cup of coffee - that stuff just doesn’t work on me sometimes.

I’m heading off on Sunday for a break, so that’ll be my lot until I get back. I expect I’ll have a bit of work to do catching up, but I also expect it’ll be a bit easier.