One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


The challenge is getting to tier 10. Yesterday was a disaster, but I was tired. You can’t be tired playing this game, but late night is the only chance I get to play it at the moment. Caffeine helps sometimes, but last night I was sound asleep 30 minutes after a cup of coffee - that stuff just doesn’t work on me sometimes.

I’m heading off on Sunday for a break, so that’ll be my lot until I get back. I expect I’ll have a bit of work to do catching up, but I also expect it’ll be a bit easier.


Well, then I don’t think I’ll be able to improve my score any further, because I don’t even know what it is to not be tired anymore. ;)


I’ve been stuck on level 8 for a while. My skills are at 24%. How complete are others’ skills here?


I’m 48% complete.


32% for me.

@Nightgaunt - where is Survival Blind? Maybe I’m just not good enough to gain admittance yet?


I’m at 30%.

Nemesis are appropriately named.


I think Survival Blind unlocks when you get to Tier 10 of regular Survival.


Thanks, and I was afraid that was going to be your answer.


Come on up here! The weather’s fine!


I’ve been trying but I can’t get out of tier 8!


Neither can I…


Nor I. Perhaps Tier 8 is the great divide between the student and the master.


I made tier 9 a couple days ago but it was so very close to a failure. I was tired and it was at the end of the day but I have low hopes of exiting tier 9, given that there seems to be 200 more kills per tier needed? I probably only managed 1650 clearing tier 8 before dying, so doing 1800 in 9 sounds… unlikely.

Maybe I’ll drink a crap ton of caffeine and give it a shot in the afternoon or something.


Somewhere about 600-700 kills in tier 8, I start losing health faster than I accumulate it. Once I get over 1000 I’m struggling to keep alive and 1 mistake can set off a chain reaction.


I maxed out my health-providing skills as soon as possible. Medic, horse mode, throw mode, etc.


I had decided to try Luca and had an absolutely epic run. 2200 kills, went from Tier 1 to Tier 5. Not a great score, because I started at T1. I had got down to 1 health early on and couldn’t figure out how I was going to deal with brawlers. Then my brain turned off and holy crap… I was back up to 10 health until about 2k at which point I think my brain turned back on and wondered how the hell I was doing it.


I think I used up all my OFDP juice on that 2,000 kill run on tier 7. I’ve yet to reach 1,000 kills on tier 8 so far.

Also, this desert map is seriously stingy with gem stages.


The level maps get really stingy with skill points for a bit, and then suddenly become super-generous with them.


Aargh, 1300 kills on tier 8 and I still didn’t beat my tier 7 high score! (about 50,000 short). Great run, but just got overwhelmed. That was my last attempt for a while, maybe a break will be good.


I only started playing OFDP last week, and I gave OFDP 2 a quick go today to see how it compares.

I think I prefer the first game. The enemy types are more visible, there’s fewer throwing weapons AND I can actually tell when I have a weapon, unlike in this game.

How do you guys play the game? I’m using Q and . as that way I can use two hands. (In OFDP it’s S and N). I’m not sure I could cope with using the mouse, as that’s all on a single hand. I gave an Xbox pad a go, but again I wanted to use fingers from both hands and that lead to awkward stretching.