One Finger Death Punch to the FACE

I’m having a decent time but I’m honestly not feeling it as much as the first game. I don’t know if it’s due to design changes or whether the moment for this series has passed.

Go back an play the first game and compare?

I’m a relative newbie to the series, but other than the campaign map, I think I prefer every aspect of the first game. it just seems to flow better and be easier to read.

I fired it up but there are no cloud saves so I’d have to start all over again. Maybe I could check my old PC but this already sounds like too much work.

I can’t go back to life without Horse Mode and sniper rifles!

I just started playing this, it’s really good. How do you get more tokens?

I’m happy that I’m already ahead of @BrianRubin on the leaderboards but I’m struggling to get to Tier 5 so I can overtake @tomchick who is so good at this game.

I’ve not touched the game in a week. ;)

I think I’m done for a while.

I don’t like the campaign map. It feels like less variety even though some of the variety in the original was fake (nunchucks vs lightsaber levels). I can’t do another 200 enemy mob round and I’m only 30% through the campaign.

I don’t like the survival tier approach either. The speed of the next tier is slower than the speed it takes to make it to that tier, so you get bored building back up to the hard part that’s actually challenging, which is a cardinal sin for me in videogames. It’s different than the original survival because this feels like I’m trying to make it to the next checkpoint rather than start a brand new run where anything could happen, so that magnifies the annoyance.

Overall I guess it’s not that bad. I just don’t want to play it. I might come back to it later.

I was also disappointed at first by the variety of the campaign map (although I think the original game had just as big a preponderance of yet-another-mob-round, just more evenly distributed). If it changes anything, there are a number of new modes (some really neat, some less so) introduced when you’re past the half-way mark in the campaign. I wish they had brought them in earlier.

There’s a lot more stages in the sequel, but they seem to achieve that by padding it out with a lot more mob rounds. I’m not complaining because the core gameplay never really seems to get old.

Hmmm, I think I prefer the tier approach because it gives microgoals to reach. In the original it was a daunting task to reach my previous high score, so I only ever played it a handful of times. This one has shorter play sessions though, and I definitely like the fact it slows down at the start of the next tier. I need a few hundred kills to really warm up! If I jumped right into top speed I’d never get very far, but that’s just me being too slow.

Well, I finished the campaign and… I wasn’t expecting that. Any of that. I don’t want to oversell it, but the game continues to hand out a surprise around every corner.

There was I happy in the knowledge that I just beat the score of @tomchick on the leaderboard only to find that it has increased by 5x what it was previously. He is very good at this game!

I used to think @tomchick was so good at this game but I was wrong!

I heard @tomchick doesn’t like score chases and may not even know how they work!

You definitely know how they work, Nightgaunt.

I still can’t beat my Tier 7 high score! Got 1148 kills on Tier 8, nope… still over 100,000 off it. That’s just insanely fast, I was on a roll until I lost 4 lives in about 3 seconds.

But as you’re all pointing out so clearly, at least we’re all better than @tomchick

Well apart from @Jason_McMaster

Update today adds a kind of queuing area at the top of the screen during brawler and boss sequences. The next two or three bars will always be visible there, even if they’re waiting for the right amount of space after the last active one. So, basically, you can’t outpace the dropping bars anymore.

Woo, 1150 kills on Tier 8! Two more than my previous best. Still not good enough (and a long way from my high score still). Once it gets past 1100 kills it’s just a blur for me. I’ve now got nearly every skill that I actually want, most of the ones left actively hinder me (eg. sniper rifle, which always throws me off my rhythm).

I’ll keep trying for Tier 9, but I’m not very hopeful.

How long ago was your highest score? I’m pretty certain that they nerfed the points a week or two after launch, so it’s hard to compete with a lot of the all-time scores. Doesn’t bother me; I have a feeling they had to fix some overboard scores or just tighten up the field to make it more competitive, but it has left me with an all-time high I don’t think I’ll ever reach again.

At least a month, about the time of patch 9 or 10. It was a Tier 7 score, but I went nuts and got close to 2,000 kills. My Tier 8 score has always topped out around 800,000+ after 1,000 or so kills, so it’s been a fairly consistent failure. I didn’t realise they’d nerfed the scoring system though. It feels like more a case of my failure to reach Tier 9 than anything else, although I’ve no idea what kind of coffee I’d been on to get that Tier 7 score. :)