One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


New demo link (from their Greenlight page):


Haven’t had this feeling in a long time. Simplicity = purity. Want to buy.


Christ. So I have some extra magic spacebucks on my 360, and figure I’ll throw a dollar at this. I turn on my 360, and it seems my Gold account has expired. I knew this on some level- they’ve been sending me notices that my credit card to renew it has expired, and that I need to update it. I’ve decided I really don’t need Gold as I don’t use it that often, and I won’t be buying a One this fall- I’m going PS4 instead (after 11 years with Xbox Live!). I figured if I didn’t update it, they’d just bust me down to Silver. I actually have a card that’s up to date on the system, but I din’t OK it for them to use it to renew my account. Anyway, I log in today, and they won’t let me connect me to XBL at all, and thus can’t buy this game, or play any of my other Arcade titles- it’s locked them out. Big ad in the middle of the screen basically says ‘click me to update your account info’, so I do, and it connects me to XBL, and wants me to choose a credit card to update it. There’s no option for ‘No Thank You’, so I log in to on my PC. After a few tries, I can log in, but if I go to ‘My Account’, it goes to an ‘Oops, you found a broken page’ screen. Same thing happens if I go to the page for this game and try to buy it there. Fucking Microsoft.


Give them a call, most folks who have XBL issues seem to report that at least Microsoft phone support is helpful.


Quick heads up that they added an expanded demo about a month ago. I think it has more than twice as many levels now. They let you play a lightsaber level, which is a nice reward. It’s right before the boss round to unlock survival mode. But that’s a total tease because the demo ends there. I suppose that would be too much content to give away for free.

I don’t know how this hasn’t been Greenlighted yet. I can’t wait to play it.


Thanks for the heads up, I was nearly “one of those guys” when the last list of 100 greenlit titles was announcing, wanting to say “Shadow of the Eternals??? Where’s my One Finger Death Punch!?” in the comments thread. One look at the actual comments thread was enough to save me from that grisly fate.


In a nice “fuck you” to the latest list of forgettable games that have been Greenlit, One Finger Death Punch is now available on Desura for $2.

On a serious note, I don’t know that it will ever been Greenlit. Their comments page has a few occasional kids complaining that it looks like a flash game. If the process looks at the ratio between up and down votes, OFDP might never get there.

Looks like no real enhancements from the demo. It might’ve been nice to see some newer menus or something. Oh well. It saves demo progress so I already unlocked survival mode from the boss fight right after the demo. Can’t wait to dive into this after work.




Also sold!

dusts cobwebs off Desura


Bought, thanks Tim


It’s good old fun but it quickly reminds me that my right wrist suffers from the dreaded “Unreal Tournament” syndrome.


I can’t resist my curiosity to ask you what this means.


Best news I’ve heard all week!


I feel like a kid who just ate too much candy. My wrist is stiff after playing that for 30 minutes! That must be what phero.1 was referring to.


Wow, the first boss fight is kicking my ass. I don’t think I’ve quite figured out how the blue dudes work, that’s why, and switching between blue and green forms is doing my head in. More practice of earlier levels required I think.


Every time I play a new version I have to go back a little ways and replay the first few fights to get into a flow. It’s taking me a while to build my speed % back up.


Excessive UT and CS playing back in the day busted up my wrist pretty badly (carpal tunnel syndrome). Normal computer use is not a problem but click fest games will basically “slow down” my fingers over time and make my hand go numb. Just changing keys won’t help much, I have to use my left hand and my left hand has no skill whatsoever. I hope this clears things up.


Exactly! but it starts after a couple of minutes for me.


Oof. It’s a real shame they didn’t at least include X360 controller support so I could work different muscles in my hand. After you beat student mode – oh God, so many levels – there is an awkward and heartfelt video from the developer where he talks about the struggles they had with the game. It didn’t sell on XBLIG (no surprise) and of course Steam rejected them. He also defends the graphics repeatedly, which confirms my theory that they received a lot of negative feedback from stupid short-sighted kids. It’s understandable they didn’t take the time to spruce the game up.

It’s definitely worth getting through the filler to reach some of the later levels. It’s all the same shit but the number of enemies, speed, and different colors to manage makes it feel like an epic fight. And there’s nothing better than that sword descending from the heavens on your last block of health and trying to make it to the end of the level with more than 70 enemies still to go. Total and utter focus, and a great feeling of accomplishment when you pull it off.


I LOVE that sword-from-heaven. So many lovely surprises in this game. It’s a great shame they haven’t had the success they deserve with it. Dear God, if you get this gameplay onto mobile, it would be glorious.