One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


Duh. I forgot I can just map the mouse buttons to my controller with a profiler utility. After about 5 minutes I was probably about 80% of my speed with the mouse. It’s worth a shot for anyone with wrist discomfort, though I don’t know yet whether it will cause the same problem. There’s always the keyboard too.

It’s painful when a couple of geeks have a great videogame concept but lack the skills and experience to really do it justice. I’ve never developed a game and yet I feel a strong urge to learn iOS development just to do this for them. I feel that way about Vic Davis too. :)


I beat the first boss, so easy once I figured out what I was supposed to be doing with the blue guys (I mean, it’s not like it doesn’t tell me in the level before!). Just a fantastic game, and fortunately I’m not having problems with my fingers.


The lightsaber and nunchaku rounds at the end of master difficulty have astonishing speed. The window between hitting and getting hit is so narrow. I don’t know how anyone ever beat grandmaster.

My best score on survival mode is 2314 kills. That’s with 5 skill points from finishing master mode.

Spectacular game.


So many surprises!


Beat up some dudes with a fish and another dude today.

Wasn’t expecting that, but I don’t know why I wasn’t.


Must… stop… playing…


Must… continue… to… fight…


This is the second greatest game I have played this year, the first being Spelunky. Nothing else comes close.

Fuck those thunderstorm rounds though, sheesh.

Also, Tim, how the hell did you beat this game on Master mode already? I’m still on Student mode and it seems to go on forever. Not that I’m complaining, mind. Of course, I am obsessed with getting a Platinum medal and Perfect rank on every single level. That might have something to do with it.


It does go on a long time. Once I realized that, I stopped trying to play every level and get good medals. It worked out nicely because the later stages and master mode are pretty fast even at 100% speed, which is good because I always got frustrated when I lost a level and it took away my built-up speed.

If you want to play a lot of levels but not necessarily all of them, you could go for the skill bonuses. Look for nodes with a little square behind them.


Is there any kind of online leaderboards so I can see how much a suck compared to you guys? I’m still somewhere on the Student level.


My survival mode score is 22956 - 344 kills. How about you guys?


I mentioned 2314 above. That was one try after beating master mode. But I have all the skills and 5 slots. You get more when you beat student and master mode.

The skills are handy, though you still have to play well. I have one that turns all enemies to gray after 30 kills, and another one that expands the hit window to the full screen a couple kills later. Every time that combo triggers I can blow through a lot of enemies almost risk free.

The trick is making it to the periodic lightsaber bonus time because there are enemies in there that heal you. It’s much faster than normal so it helps to have some practice from near the end of the campaign where those special stages pop up a few times.


Not sure how I missed your score up there. My bad. It looks like I have a long way to go, so at least I have a target. It may take my lifetime, or perhaps I’ll never reach it - but I like to have a goal.


There are lightsaber sequences inside of Survival? Yeah, I have to do a lot better…


You can see the progress bar below your health. I don’t remember how many kills it takes to trigger. Getting there is a good first step!


There’s UI in this game? I can’t concentrate on anything beyond the middle, like, fifth of the screen!

(Hey, everybody, I keep pushing this to the top of the forum so you’ll give this game a try! Game of the Year material!)


When does the campaign end? I made it to the end of one of the paths but nothing happened (other than unlocking a new skill). Do I have to make it to the end of all the paths or something?


I couldn’t find an overworld map. It goes on for a while. Once you get all the way to the right, it curves back up and to the left a little bit before the final boss, which is like all the other boss encounters. The side paths usually end in a skill unlock. Once you’ve seen a variety of colored enemies, it’s mostly more of the same at that point.


Yeah, I’ve been playing a chunk of this every day and I have no idea if I’m anywhere near the end. Not sure I love the design of the map, with the loops and whatnot, but whatever. Everything else is brilliant and it’s a ton of content so I won’t hold it against the game.


So… what’re everyone’s favorite skills?

P.S. Student mode complete. I thought the Speed Rounds were eventually going to get me, but it was the last couple dagger and bomb rounds where I lost so many times I actually almost gave up.


I mentioned above I use Grey Out and Light 'Em Up as my main combo to quickly zip through a bunch of enemies every 30 kills. I also have Deflect Grey for a free hit, and Heal for an extra hitpoint every 99 kills. The last one is Brawl Master, which says it decreases the speed of the next fight 25%. I forgot I had that one. I wonder if the fights would really be that much faster if I wasn’t using it.


My favourite skills are the left and right mouse buttons. A true master does not require anything more.

(he says, having still not beaten student mode)


Admirable, krayzkrok. And foolish…