One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


I agree with NightGaunt. This dagger round is insane. It has to be near the end and I must have lost it 100 times. I’m still on the student difficulty level. I did get down to 3 one time but I usually die with 15-20 guys left. I’ve gotta suck at this game.


You should be able to go down alternate paths until the very end. I think there is a dagger round on one branch and a bomb round (same shit as dagger) on the other. Maybe it’s like that elsewhere.


In this short time I must have tried another 50 times and finally made it. At least those levels are quick so failing 200 times is just bearable.


Those levels are definitely the hardest, but don’t be afraid to admit defeat if the difficulty curve gets beyond you. I don’t think I died more than 2 or 3 times on a single level my entire time through the game. The lightsaber round at the end of Master was near my limit.


I just finished student mode!!!

I love the light sword rounds and tend to do well at them. It took me two tries to get past the last one before the boss and I beat the boss on my first try. I didn’t medel very well, but I made it!!! There were a lot of levels where I didn’t medel well, but I just pressed on . I’ll give the next difficulty level a try and also see if I can improve my continuous mode score.


I just got this today after seeing all the rave talk on it in the September Game of the Month thread. Holy crap this is amazing, and I can’t stand fighting games.


Aha, the not-so-subtle carpet bombing of threads where we mention OFDP claims another! This is a just cause.


Well played sir…you may have won this round…but I won too because this game is awesome.


I don’t play fighting games either because of the memorization, but this one is fun. It’s surprisingly fun when you consider how simple it is and after a while the fights do get repetitive.


I do kind of agree with that last point: I think they actually had too many levels in the game map. Might have helped if they had done anything really interesting on the map, but it mostly was just moving and a lot of what felt like backtracking.


What is wrong with me. I just spent 2 hrs mashing the left and right mouse button and having a blast. The completionist in me is making go through all the alternate paths. Well worth the $1.


The people here constantly calling this a “fighting game” instead of a “beat-'em-up” despite the fact that we already had this discussion on the first page are making me sad.

Fighting game: PvP, usually 1v1, with generally-crappy versus-AI options; Street Fighter, The King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat, Skullgirls
Beat-'em-up: PvE, usually 1vMany, often (but not always) with co-op; Final Fight, Castle Crashers, Dragon’s Crown, One Finger Death Punch


Standby on that note!


Actually, this game really reminds me of this:


This game is fantastic - picked it up last night. Only a dollar? It’s a crime!


While look around for commentary on Aces Wild, I stumbled upon the devblog for Ben Ruiz, one of the developers of Aztez, a promising and progressive PC brawler you may have seen on RPS or the like. He seems to be a student of the beat-em-up genre. I’ve been devouring his analysis this evening. Without owning a console since the SNES, I’ve only caught glimpses of the genre when they slip onto PC. It’s fascinating to read about all the 3D console brawlers I’ve missed. He’s critical but his passion for the genre comes through the entire time.

In one of the articles he asked for suggestions for games to analyze. I was curious what a student of beat-em-ups thought about OFDP, so I emailed him. Here was his reply:

I happen to love love love One Finger Death Punch. I think it is remarkably brilliant and inventive and it most certainly deserves a write up.

Gentlemen, now you can now enjoy this game with your pinky in the air.

If you want to be a geek about it: Ben has attempted to coin the term “kill-em-up” for combat systems where an individual attack puts you into minimal danger – as opposed to, say, Dark Souls. Kung Fu would be a kill-em-up, for example. I think OFDP fits there, although I just remembered the mechanics of missing do you leave you open to counterattack for a long time. Hmm.


You’re assuming I didn’t already have my pinky in the air… You gotta get it out of the way of the two killin’ fingers!


You all inspired me to write a tongue-in-cheek article about the game on the QT3 front page. Let’s hope we get a few more happy players in here!


Good article Tim!


Bought it again on xbox 360 for $1. The developers really deserve it. Something funny about violently killing stickmen on an 80" screen. It uses the X and B buttons which don’t work that well for me. I would prefer the bumper buttons myself but there doesn’t seem to be a way to configure anything. The mouse actually works better for this game.