One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


Loved the article, Tim. Just curious: how does Tom manage contributions to the homepage? Do you tell him what you want to write first? Or just send it to him? Have you written something before?


That’s weird. I mapped it to X and A on PC with the profiler. I thought I had looked it up and mapped it the same way as the Xbox. Maybe I got confused by the A and B buttons again. The mouse is definitely faster. But toward the end I was just as fast with the two gamepad buttons. Anyway, half the challenge in the later stages is timing a single button press for the first enemy that sprints into the window.

I’ve written stuff before, so I put it together in an hour and sent it unsolicited. Tom loves weeklong game diaries, so PM him if you ever want to do one. That format doesn’t really work for OFDP. :)


My son just unlocked the final survival mode. I won’t spoil it but it’s pretty hilarious.


Other than satisfaction, is there any reason to go back and medal better than I did on my first run through? Does it improve the mastery score?

Should I at least make sure I unlocked all the powerups on the student level?


I want to cheat! Has anybody found a complete over world map? It sure would make hunting down the unlocks easier.


I didn’t pay much attention to the mastery score. I’d skip the medals and keep pushing on, unless you’re already at a brick wall.

I took some alternate paths in Master to find a few skills. Halfway through I could see just about all them in one difficulty or another, and picked the shortest route to get to the remaining ones. The icons have a square behind them, in case anyone doesn’t know.


After you said this, I had to go back and try it. Unlocking it wasn’t as hard as I expected (blind survival). Yet another wonderful little surprise.


Tim, your article sold me. I snuck in to buy just before the sale ended. But seriously, even $2 is cheap for this game.

On my first play session, I used a laptop with its touchpad buttons. I won’t do this ever again. Today, I busted out my gamer mouse to finally get to and beat the first boss. I might switch to a gamepad and see if it will make the game easier. Why are you guys mapping to the face buttons? Wouldn’t mapping to the left/right bumper be better?


Oh thank goodness. I was just thinking the article was a bust because we didn’t get any fresh meat in here.

I mapped to the face buttons because that’s how they did it for the X360 game. They probably wanted to embrace the whole “one finger” thing. I don’t know if the bumpers would be better or worse for control. Give it a try.


I picked this up a few days ago after reading about it on qt3, and finally had the chance to play it last night. 3 hours later I had to force myself to stop playing for bed, but not before giving it a green light vote. Having been a fan of the Xiao Xiao series in my early 20’s I could not wipe the grin off my face while I played this.
It just feels so good to play. I am not worrying about medals, but finishing every alternate path to get every skill.


I got this in a indie bundle and to my surprise, it’s really fun! :)


To your surprise? What, don’t you trust us?



Whoa, one finger is bad enough. I pity this fool with four fingers!


One finger to play, four to cover your face and pity the people who haven’t experienced the magic of One Finger Death Punch.


Our long national shame is over.


I have no words.


+1 million Steam Machines sold.


+2 million Steam controllers sold. 1/2 now, 1/2 a month from now.


I was browsing around at random on YouTube for OFDP videos. Check out this guy’s reaction to the magic emergency sword. Start at 4:50 and go about a minute for one last cute comment. It makes me so happy.

Once again, I highly recommend that you don’t watch the video if you haven’t played the game. It’s a really great surprise moment that I’m probably ruining by talking it up all the time.