One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


Steam, baby.

I played for 12 minutes and got 11 achievements. I am a god*.

*or, possibly, the first few dozen achievements are insanely easy to get.


Wow, they jacked it up to $5.

I mean… hey everyone, this is a great deal on a super game!


If we bought this during the “Not on Steam sale” Is there a way to transfer the key?


Yeah, but having paid $1 for it on Desura and feeling like I ripped off the devs, $5 seems about right (plus it’s 20% off right now anyway). However, I see the Steam forums are full of people whinging about it, so nothing unexpected there I guess.


Gamepad support is apparently native now at least. Can you confirm?

No word on key transfer. It seems to take these indie devs a few days or weeks to figure it out. These guys are probably even less in tune than that.

I only bitch about the price because I had a fun little giveaway planned. I figured it would be on sale for 99 cents! Might have to wait a while on that.


Yes, gamepad support is native; it auto-detects whether the gamepad is plugged in or not, rather than giving you the option of mouse / gamepad, which is slightly annoying actually (and confusing the first time I launched the game, as the mouse cursor vanishes when the gamepad is plugged in, but the reason isn’t obvious until you’re in the game).

The only valid contention about the price was the devs mentioning on the Greenlight page what price they were hoping for, and they were apparently hoping for $1-2. So it’s a bit more than that, but the added achievements, leaderboards, native gamepad support help to account for that to a degree. Besides, it’s still available for $1 (including 50% off!) on Desura for those not wanting the Steam version. If it wasn’t available so cheaply elsewhere I don’t think the price would be an issue.


Okay, someone help me out here. What the heck are these numbers:

I get how the medal works. And I presume my score for that level was, uh, 85, 937. What are all the numbers in the lower left?



Does it make you feel better or worse if I tell you I have no idea?

The big giant score in the middle is actually some cumulative score. I can’t remember why it was important. I ignored it. The top score in the lower left seems to be the score from that level. I just played it again to check. I don’t know what the bottom score in the lower left is. It didn’t show up in my game.

As much as I’ve grown to enjoy scoring systems in certain genres, I don’t think it’s that important here. I thought survival and the medals were more important than score. The only number that matters to me is how high you can get in survival mode.


The big number with the gold border is explained (after level 1 I think) as your “overall mastery”. How the hell they come up with that, I have no idea, but there you go. The top score in the bottom left is your last score for that level, and the one underneath it is your best score for that level. If you beat your best score for the level, then it simply shows the top score, and underneath says “Best Score”.

I think. I could be wrong.

Like Tim says, though, the score seems secondary to getting Platinum and Perfect on as many levels are possible.

Also Tom, I see you’re using the controller. Unless you’re playing in Big Picture mode or something, I’d use the mouse - I find it a more natural control system to use the index and middle fingers on the left and right mouse buttons respectively.


The points are a carefully calculated measurement of how much you should quit fussing about your score and focus on punching, slicing, crushing, and re-punching all the dudes.


Ah, I think you’re exactly right, krayzkrok. Also, I see the numbers are broken into a score on the left and a total dudes killzorrated on the right.

And, yeah, I’m using the controller because, like you, I can get the frickin’ mouse icon to show up so by the time a level starts, I’m holding the controller and I figure, “whatever, might as well keep holding it”. Plus, the fact that it keeps flashing controller symbology on the screen is like a constant nag to use the controller. But as it’s getting more challenging, I can definitely see the wisdom in using the mouse so you aren’t having to move your thumb between two buttons.



…but only on your first try. There are so many levels that it’s better to push forward.


Ah, I’d completely missed the red number. I read the score as 5 million or so, when in fact it’s 5 thousand or so, plus total dudes kung-fu’d. That finally makes sense, which means that the overall mastery is, as Tim says, simply a cumulative score for all levels. Riiight.

However, moving your thumb between two buttons does not compute for even the early levels; that explains your sad gold medal instead of the shiny platinum medal you should have gotten for whatever level it was you showed us. For later levels you may need to wire the nerves from your fingers directly into your mouse button sensors in order to achieve maximum zen mastery. Apparently Tim has plumbed the depths of attempting to play the game with a controller and came up relatively unscathed, but I don’t see how it’s possible myself.


Ok Tim James, what is your Steam handle? I need some goals to aim for with my survival mode. I guess yours will be the highest. Tom’s will clearly be fairly low… oh… actually. Wait, I’ll be back in a few hours trying to beat that one first.


Keep going!

So given the enthusiastic response to this game here on the forum, why are Adam and I the only one with posted scores? I guess it’s the difference between you early adopters with the Desura version and us Johnnies come lately on Steam. :(



Yeah I don’t have it yet on Steam. No time right now. And it was never very many of us, unfortunately.

I’m glad survival mode is unlocked from the start. That’s a lot better than trying to make it through the entire first map.


Giant Bomb quicklook. They misunderstood a few things. Weapons just increase your attack range. Vinny did capture the excitement of the game: it’s very simple, but it feels great to play.

I see survival mode is unlocked early on. I think it was always that way, I just forgot.


I only have the Desura version too.

Cool - I was able to just go to Desura and press, ‘Get Steam key’. I guess I play just to get a score up on the board.


Well, I didn’t score so well. If I look at my local high score board it shows I had 789 kills, so it looks like maybe my skills have declined since I last played it :-)


Where is that get steam key link?