One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


Just saw on the Steam forums you can go to and click on Keys. I have absolutely no idea how you would find that webpage indirectly through Desura’s site. Even after logging in, I don’t see it.

Various bundles are getting keys as we speak. I shouldn’t have doubted the developers!


Sign in on the Desura web page.
Click on your user name.
Click in Games (around middle of page)
Click on One Finger Death punch
Click Play Game
Click small ‘View Key’ link.


Oh WOW, fabulous, thanks rob!


Bam, indeed. I’ll have to dig out my rockin’ gamer mouze to beat your scorze!


I got my Steam key. It’s nice that it brings your progress over. But it doesn’t give you any retroactive achievements or add your high scores to the leaderboards.

I played one round of survival from a cold start and got 1696 kills and snagged 21 quick achievements. Keep in mind the skills do help quite a bit. I was able to maintain nearly full health through more than 1000 kills. You need to unlock the skills in the base game, which can take a while.

Regarding the gamepad discussion above: I think the XBLIG version used the X and B buttons. Is that still the case? I used my joystick profiler utility to set it to X and A (I think) which seemed easier to press quickly.


Looks like someone already capped out the maximum kills in survival mode, 9999. He’s complaining about it on the forums, and doesn’t seem like a hacker who just submitted a maximum score. Earlier in the day he was at 6000. The developer didn’t think it was humanly possible to get that high.

I’d like to see a video. I think I linked to one in the 6000s earlier that was 45 minutes long.


I couldn’t imagine being able to look this game for so long. Even with my low score it gets tough to stare at all that movement.


One more thing: the achievements show 1.5% of players already have 1500 kills in survival mode. The leaderboards show 71 players that high. Multiplying that out, that’s almost 5000 people that have purchased the game or redeemed keys from elsewhere. Not bad for a couple days for a “regular” indie game that isn’t a viral hit. I’m sure that will go up now that all the big YouTube streamers are looking at it too.

I hope this means they will continue to support it, or make a phone version.


Login. click on your user name, games, ofdp, play game, (view keys), get steam key.

Yeah, it took me a while to find it too.


This seems weird, but this morning I was assuming I wouldn’t get a Steam key from my previous purchase so I decided to just buy it again because I love the game so much… When I tried to purchase it, the purchase failed and it was because I already owned the game. Looks like somehow my Desura purchase was associated with my Steam account and it was automatically unlocked??

Anyway, I thought I was rusty, but my first attempt at Survival I got to 1,722, which is currently #66 on the global boards. I don’t know that I can do a whole lot better than that, but it was better than I expected.

So I have a memory of asking this early in the thread, but for the sake of the newcomers, what skills do you like for Survival? I was playing with the ones that were saved in my old data: three arrows, gray out, deep impact… not sure what the other one is. What do you guys use?


I’m just disappointed that Tim James never told me how good this game is. Was he trying to keep it a secret or something? You’d think he wouldn’t do a buddy like that.



I posted an article to a boardgaming site, so you may have missed it.


That’s the problem with me starting threads, people see it’s me, think “Sheesh, not that krok dude” and move onto the funny gif thread. But we’ve been going nuts about it in here for months Tom. ;)

So it seems I basically bought it again on Steam despite already having it on Desura; it didn’t recognise that I already had the game. To be honest it doesn’t bother me that much, I think the game is worth it. Pity about not being able to transfer my progress though, although looking at the Survival leaderboard I think I’m in with no chance. After about 500 kills my fingers start randomly clicking and it all goes to hell!


Brain… slowly… rewiring. Ha! I beat Tom. Awaiting revenge…


Wow, you guys are insane. I’m still in the hundreds only!
The early achievements can be unlocked by going back to the beginning of the not-survival mode and playing the first few rounds…maybe. Definitely the first one.


I don’t know if my low score is because I haven’t unlocked a lot of the abilities or that I just suck. Both?



Yeah, I’m sorry we kept it a secret from everyone…


I forget, how do you tell if a level in the campaign unlocks a new ability?


I think there is a square icon underneath them or something. They’re usually at the end of branches.


Yep, that’s it. Thanks!