One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


If you bought it via Groupees, then you can find your key on your profile page. The game was part of the Be Mine X bundle.


Abilities help a lot. I recently unlocked the “kill all enemies on screen” ability (whatever it’s called) and it can get you out of a real pickle when it activates.


TotalBiscuit squeals like a little girl about OFDP.

So cute to see everyone discovering this.

I do have to stress again that as tempting as it is for new players (like him) to want to go back and get perfect medals, you’d be much better off moving forward.


His enthusiasm about the game is really adorable.


Actually, I have to slightly disagree there. When I start playing the game, now that I’m some way into the map, I just can’t get myself up to the required speed by jumping straight into the furthest point that I’d reached the day before. Just can’t do it. So what I do is go back to the earlier levels and replay those, aiming for platinum / perfect. Not only is it satisfying, but it gets my brain back up to speed so I can take on the later levels again.

Bested my survival high score by a respectable margin last night, but my hand was a claw for about 10 minutes afterwards!


Fair enough. Just don’t try the reverse. I warmed up on one of the final stages in Student mode, then played one round of Survival. It was so slow at the start that I kept attacking too early.

Based on my calculations above using achievements and the leaderboards, roughly 13000 people own the game on Steam now.


Does TB get his first Golden Sword in that video? (my internet is too slow here to watch YouTube vids). There should be an achievement for getting a 100 kill streak using only that sword. It certainly empowers you.

Speaking of achievements, that 70 bronze medal achievement must really take some dedicated sucking!

Also, my right mouse button is starting to make a funny creaking noise. I think OFDP may kill it.


I think I’ve finally met my match at this game. I’m about 11 fights from the final battle on the map, and I’ve reached the limit of my reactions! I either have a bomb round to face, with 45 enemies which I can get down to about 15 (my best) but a single misclick on that means your doom (you can’t have more than one bomb in the air at once, so you have to accurately judge which enemy is closest while they’re coming at you like bullets). Did I ever mention how much I dislike bomb rounds? Remind me to do that sometime. The other is a mob fight with 245 enemies at insane speeds. Nope.

The reason I’m posting this of course is to ensure I beat it on my next attempt. That’s how it always works, right?

At this stage in the game, having unexpected powers activate is usually the reason I miss. So instead of the volley of punches my brain has queued up for a purple, a yellow and a red enemy, the first one is killed instantly by a power punch of some kind, then I use the wrong button combo on the next enemy, and I miss… taking a hit in the process. Then I miss again as my brain struggles to catch up to what I should be doing.

I think I’m going to play a nice, relaxing RPG after this.


Yeah that bomb round was probably the toughest stage. The nice thing is the enemy patterns are the same, so eventually you can get into the right rhythm and brute force it.


Agreed. I rarely had to try a level more than two times… until I got to that bomb round. I played it dozens of times. You’ll get past it!


Well I played 3 hours of this game according to steam so I went over to survival and got 1708 kills. But I don’t have any of you in my friends list (except Tom and Ginger Yellow) so could you all add me? Or otherwise share your user profiles so I can add you?

steam link

Edit: Brian does have his steam id in the profile page, so that helps. But his profile is either not public or he needs to hit that little option somewhere that turns your profile page from long number) into id)


This is still a big hit on Steam. I calculate roughly 40,000 players based on achievements and leaderboards. The forums are really busy. It was in the Steam top 20 sellers at one point.

I am a little disappointed that this game took off and Aces Wild fell flat. Oh well!


I’m very pleased that the game has finally found success, Steam really does connect you with your audience. I’m guessing you don’t really mean to imply that you’re disappointed OFDP took off, Tim, but what’s Aces Wild and why does it deserve to take off? (that sounds sarcastic, but it’s a genuine question)

Arrandek, I’m “krayzkrok” on Steam (everywhere, actually) although I’m not sure I want someone with that high a survival score above me on my leaderboard (I’m joking of course).


Hell yes, I finally beat Student mode! Fuck that dagger round (I got down to 7 left, but that took herculean effort), I went the other way instead which turned out to be much easier. Had a bit of trouble on a couple of speed rounds, but flew through the rest and beat the final bosses. I have to admit my punches were getting slower, and slower, and slower during that final fight. I think my brain started to give up. If I get RSI from this I’m going to be writing to Silver Dollar!

By the way, they recently patched this and it will now count all medals below the ones earned towards the achievements for those medals. So when you fire it up, prepare for achievement spam.


They are very slowly fixing the achievement awards, but I still have a ton that I have qualified for and not received, like the one for completing the basic tutorial. Wait. There’s one for completing the opening tutorial and one for completing the basic tutorial. Wonder what the difference is?


I liked what I played of this, but kept feeling like the control scheme consisting of just two inputs, one for each direction, would make it an absolutely perfect fit for a mobile game, and I’d be much more likely to play it in such a form.

Well, looks like they agreed, and it will be coming to mobile soon.


Can they change the name to “Two Thumb Death Punch” then?


That’s cool. The forums were flooded with requests for it. I may have even emailed them. They don’t seem like the most confident businessmen but anyone with a pulse would respond to that kind of feedback. I hope they make a ton of money. You never can tell with these things though.


I sent OFDP to some friends making mobile games and told them that millions of dollars were waiting for them if they made something like it on mobile. Glad to see the original devs about to make the millions instead.


Ah, November 2014, a more innocent era, when we were all so naive and full of hope.

The mobile version is out now, and what seemed like a can’t-miss idea did, in fact, miss. All they had to do to earn my $5 was a direct port.

But while the simple joy of beating up hordes of evil stick figures is visible in the mobile version, actually reaching for it reveals it to be simply suspended as bait in the gelatinous cube of a bog-standard f2p model. Stamina, rare drops to gamble from chests, endless grinding to improve items and stances, it’s all there, with the worst offender being the absence of a simple “restart level” option. Failure in the original is one click away from trying again. Here, it’s “No, I don’t want to instantly resurrect for 30 cents. No, I don’t want to go to the store to upgrade my kung fu or open chests for more skills. Yes, pick the same stage I was just on from the map. No, I don’t want to buy a temporary buff item for the stage.”