One Finger Death Punch to the FACE


Crazy. They seemed too naive and bumbling to even know how to implement that stuff.

I guess someone got to them!


Read this.

Then watch the reason for the topic.

Than buy and play this for $2.

That is all.


I will buy it tonight, along with the Pinball FX2 Portal table and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2. ;)


I accidentally launched this from my steam library for the first time yesterday.

It’s cute! Very different from what I was expecting.


It gets dramatically less cute as you progress, to the point where you hands will curl into rictus claws of pain from so much clicking! It’s awesome though, really, especially once you achieve that zen-like level of concentration necessary to overcome the harder onslaughts.


I’m sure doctors everywhere have had their offices filled with carpal tunnel syndrome patients thanks to this game. It’s great fun, but it’s also a brutal test of physical endurance.


It’s much less strain if you use an X360 controller. I don’t know if they modded that into the PC version or not. I used a joy2key type program.


I am using a 360 controller, yes. You press X to strike to the left, B to strike to the right. But after a few levels, my hand definitely started cramping. And it’s never done that before using a 360 controller.


Perhaps it’s better to play it in smaller doses? Sure, it’s not an easy thing to do, since the game also thrives on “just one more level” philosophy.

Excellent game, anyway.


I think I changed it to X and Y with a keymapper. I can’t remember.


Boy, did they botch the mobile version. Whoever did the adaptation tried to cram a bunch of free-to-play stuff into it. So sad. as far as control schemes, I’m sure it would still give you cramps after awhile, but two thumbs on either side of a phone screen may be the best!


Looks like someone is using the system as a basis for a mobile game. It’s called Hair Dash. Not out yet.


Hey there ! We’re the small team of 2 developers behind Hair Dash, thanks for your interest :) Indeed, we based ourselves on the very simplistic and efficient system seen in OFDP (tap left to attack left, tap right to attack right) for Hair Dash, but with our own special tricks!

If you’re interested in being updated about the game, you can follow us on our twitter @CleanCutGames , we plan a release around February but might have a public beta available sooner than that.


An announcement post as elaborate as the game itself. That’s it right there. You just read all of it.




I’m reserving that exclamation for Devil May Cry 5. But this should be fun. Assuming they don’t mess it up!


I’m not sure my fingers can take it anymore!


Videos here and here.

These appear to be very far along, and the website says they’re going to be working on it for another whole YEAR.


Nice, tonfas.


Looks amazing already.