One of the signs of the apocolypse

QA has become a reality show.

Hey, the crazy lady from the ultimate gamer show made the cast!

Wow. You get to compete for $5000 and a job as a QA tester? That’s like Survivor offering $5000 and the right to keep starving yourself in the jungle.

I wonder what catchphrase they’ll use when booting people off the show?

“Sorry, your game is over”
“Sorry, you’ve been eaten by a grue”
“Sorry, you didn’t press X not to die”

I’m rooting for the guy who put Magical Drop III as his favorite game. That’s hardcore

There’s way too many ® and ™ symbols on that site, holy crap.

I wonder if they have to give any of the signing bonus back if they quit the job, lol.

Don’t let the modeling portfolio and her work in the music industry fool you, Meredith’s crazy for RPG and unwinds with some Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and also Tekken® 6

Is this satire?

All their favorite games and characters are available on Sony platforms. My, what a coincidence!

A 25% signing bonus. Not too shabby.

I, too, am crazy for RPG.

And also, shooter.

From the profiles

I’m very tenacious and competitive. Growing up in Brooklyn will do that for you. I’m also extremely loyal to my friends and family. They’re an important part of my life and, yes, we sill actuallly have Sunday pasta night with all the relatives. It’s great.

develop a fondness for experiencing other cuiltures.

Shouldn’t someone down the line have run a spell-checker at least once? The irony is pretty thick for “QA”.

Sadly, this is a more rigorous process than most game company QA departments use to select testers.

Jesus Christ.

Well, I take comfort in knowing that whoever wins this abomination will end up doing all the shittiest jobs in whatever QA dept they end up in until they quit.

And really, they have Ciji on? The drama queen whose “boy pays attention to me ----> hallucinating relationship with boy ----> outraged that he does not share hallucination ----> manufacturing drama so everyone will feel sorry for me” cycle takes less than 24 hours? Come on.

Yeah, I was going to go with an “I’d like to unwind…” joke but it’s too damn cliche`.

That thing is a very big bad sad joke.

Gee I sure hope I win so that I can begin my dream job as a tester!

I think this is all a cover. This ‘show’ is just the prelude for the real reality show: Life of a QA Tester.
They’re going to put the poor ‘winner’ on display for every sadistic American to enjoy the torment he’d go through every day of his miserable, short, testery life.

You compete…to be a QA tester? They really are running out of ideas (and money) aren’t they?

Wow, 36 and still wants to be a games tester. Aspirational.

The fact that this program is going to exist makes me fairly sad.

The winner will have to tighten up the graphics on level three.

No that job is for the scum programmers. The testers tell them that the graphics on level three need some tightening up while giving each other high fives.