One Piece - the show on Netflix based on a manga

On whim, without knowing anything about it other than a few trailers, we decided to watch the first episode of One Piece.

And it was awesome! It was fun, it was well-made, and the characters were interesting, as was the world-building.

Much recommened! Even if it is a bit silly at times.

Would you recommend it to someone who is only vaguely aware that a manga with the same name exists?

Oh yes - I don’t know a single thing about the manga or the why its called what its called, before the first episode. :)

Good to know! I’ll chuck it into my backlog watchlist!

3 eps in, and it’s good, bordering on great. I have watched the dubbed anime up to the awesome Enies Lobby arc and generally think it’s amazing.

The actors in this version are sure giving it their all - Jeff Ward is truly entertaining as Buggy the Pirate. Trluy ambitious of to adapt this to live action and they are doing a great job so far. The anime has so, so many memorable moments and I am looking forward to seeing them realised in this format.

It is tempting. How much is Netflix these days? Ah, I see, $15.49. That’s not too out there yet. Seems like an ok price to see this show. I assume they put the whole show on the service at once, right? I know they were talking about going back to weekly releases for the sake of water cooler conversations, buzz-building, etc.

It’s eight episodes, each about an hour.

The wife and I are both enjoying this quite a lot. And neither of us knew anything about the manga. The girl that plays Nami looks like a young Marilu Henner

Watched this over the weekend with my kid. Both enjoyed it quite a bit, hope for more seasons. Don’t like anime myself. This was enjoyable though.

This was actually pretty good. While I am not a One Piece fan and I have watched maybe 20-30 episodes out of the 1000+ that exist I thought this had decent acting and visual effects. There are people who I know who are One Piece fans who hate it though. One of the more bizarre takes is that the girls don’t look like they do in the anime which from what I can remember almost all are drawn exactly the same just with different color hair.

I am not much of an anime fan but this caught my eye so I decided to give it a shot. I really liked it. It was goofy, weird, very over the top and a lot of fun.

As a one piece fan, the live actions were greatly portrayed and executed. You will really enjoy watching. It may have changed a little bit of the story, still it was good.

Yeah, I take that almost the same way as fans of a book saying the actors aren’t how they pictured the characters in their minds, except adding in a little extra weirdness and possibly creepiness factor.

It’s rated 15. Anything actually questionable for an 10.5 year old whose seen all the Pirates o/t Caribbean / Star Wars etc flicks?

A bit more violence than Star Wars or PotC. Most of the violence is VERY cartoonish, but there’s a few moderately graphic moments.

If you give the first episode a watch it’ll give you a sense of things.

Zoro cuts a dude clean in half in ep1. I stopped the kids watching before that part as it already seemed it would be slightly more graphic in depiction than the anime, or at least the live action interpretation made it seems more impactful.

Renewed for season 2, so they must be doing something right compared to most of the other live-action anime remakes at Netflix.

Well, even on this forum, I haven’t seen anyone talk negatively about it.

Its really, really good!

I wasn’t expecting much out of this, but it’s genuinely great. The tone of the show is hard to put a finger on, but it’s a lot of fun. I tried watching the Anime after we finished, and couldn’t really get into that. It’s a shame it will take a long time for season 2 to show up, but at least it’s on the way.

I didn’t get into the anime proper until getting through to the Arlong Park arc, which is ~30 eps in. I don’t think it opens all that strong, but once it gets going and the characters start developing, oh yeah!


It’s is not without it’s idiosyncrosies, but I am past the point of dwelling on those, in order to get to the good bits. My main complaint being more a function of its serialised nature, in that a good chunk of the opening of many episodes is time recapping the prior episode.