One-time blog pimping acceptable?

From a member in good standing, that is? A friend of mine and I just started a blog about a week ago-- so far there have been posts about:

Jose Canseco, Rafael Palmeiro, and steroids
Battlestar Galactica old vs. new
“Winnie Cooper” the genius-at-math girl
Sick of “Hot Coffee”
The “vintage iPod” photoshopped picture
and subscription Internet offerings that won’t let you go.

[size=6]Center for the Study of Manly Avocations[/size]

Mods, if this is a no-no, please delete. Thanks.

P.S.: I’m “Grayson Higginbotham”

member in good standing?!
Grayson Higginbotham?!?!


  • Alan

In all honesty, with 74 posts I doubt most people who frequent this site are going to have any idea who you are, so for most of us, including me, this is like having a total stranger tap you on the shoulder and go “Hey, I have a blog. We wrote about Hot Coffee and Battlestar Galactica.” It’s like, “Really? Because those are some topics that I really need to hear a couple more opinions on.”

I think people on this site who are into blogging will be happy to check him out, number of posts be damned, because blogging’s all about checking new things.

Looks good, Papageno! I added you to my newsreader. Check out my blog sometime -

Crypt, I had no idea you had your own blog. Cool.

Definitely one of the funniest sites on the internet. I laugh so hard tears come out of my eyes reading his stuff.

Thanks for the kind words, DrCrypt! Just checked out your blog and loved it.
Especially liked the rescuing Stacey on the stairs story. :wink:

I just posted tonight about “The Strange Allure of the Too-Young Woman.”

That’s pretty good singing in Morning’s Here.

Doesn’t that make this two-time blog pimping?

I did like this comment on the Kong! entry on DrCrypt’s:

they arent negroes their called african americans you racist

For all the obvious reasons.

That comment is priceless… because I was talking about the natives of Skull Island, not a bunch of jive hepsters snapping their fingers on the streetcorners of Harlem. Now, I don’t think anyone really knows where Skull Island is… I refrained from calling its natives Africans for just that reason. Still, I’m pretty sure Skull Island is not a small orbiting body of Long Island, thereby entitling the bone-through-nose savages therein American citizenship. I was going to respond with as much, but it’s just so much better on its own.

Thanks! Not that I’ve ever really sung except idly to myself, but I do have a certain pluck and enthusiasm for it occasionally. That one came out a lot better than my latter rendition of Elmer’s Tune, mostly because I could make up the tune and didn’t have to try to sing along to some big band instrumental.

Anyway, thanks for the compliments, guys.

Now you just have to read Crypt’s story about being forced to watch porn with his mom as punish for sneaking porn into the house.

And the “plot” of the porn? Oh… it’s about a guy who has sex with his mom.

Mum’s have a special porn sensor, either that or as kids we just choose crap hiding places.

Fortunately I don’t think mine every found the vids (thank christ, I got enough of an ear bashing over the mags).

Aren’t you contradicting yourself then? Or was she not really your mom?

Doesn’t that make this two-time blog pimping?[/quote]

Well, in the same thread it doesn’t count. 8) BTW, I asked the young woman in question out, and indeed, she has a boyfriend. At least I didn’t get the look of horror or the “I just threw up a little bit in my mouth” response, which is already a win.

Aren’t you contradicting yourself then? Or was she not really your mom?[/quote]

She did, she just never said anything. Would you want to confront your son over a stack of donkey/paedo bondage tapes?

The moment you count “She wasn’t totally scared out of her wits” as a win, you’re already playing a losing game. Maybe you should listen to those 40+ years of wisdom in your head that are telling you that you’re doing something creepy? Alternatively, you could realize that she may well have been lying just to give you an unarguable rejection.

I didn’t know you liked The Residents. I saw them in high school in Toronto during “The King & Eye” tour - mind-blowing, to say the least.

Silverlight, I don’t accept that simply because I’m older it’s creepy, sorry. I thought she was really cute and we seemed to have a kind of rapport, so I went for it, big deal. I knew the odds were against her saying yes, but I also knew I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t give it a shot. I gather you don’t approve. If you knew of the utter dearth of attractive unattached women around here (even women with kids) closer to my age, maybe you’d be a trifle more empathetic.

And if she was lying, well, then I thank her for a white lie that spared my feelings and made the whole thing no biggie.


I didn’t know you liked The Residents. I saw them in high school in Toronto during “The King & Eye” tour - mind-blowing, to say the least.[/quote]
I love the Residents. In fact, at this very moment, I’m wearing a t-shirt from their Wormwood tour, with a tuxedo eyeball on the front praying and scenes from the Old Testament residentsified on the back, including a very large picture of a honking cock being circumcised. In fact, that was one of the most advantageous things about moving to Europe for me - they tour here more often than in the States. I totally envy you seeing them in the King & Eye… that’s a classic and I’ve seen it on video. Alas, that was 1991 right? I would have been about twelve and a few years away from listening to The Commercial Album for the first time.