One. Two. Smart. [kotor spoilers about 10-15 hours in]

Damn that other bounty hunter in kotor needs more lines. He’s too good.

I’m loving the game but there are a few inadequacies that irk me. First, let me say that generally I have a hard time playing evil characters. Don’t ask why, because I don’t know.

However, I was doing really good this time until the wookie village. I’d helped the other chieftain get his position back, but not from any desire to see the wookies free. I just didn’t like the original dickhead in the first place. Next thing I know, my light side points go through the roof. wtf :[

Yeah, I have a trouble being evil too. I’ve been a good guy in Baldur’s Gate 1 + 2, Morrowind, and Neverwinter Nights. I intend on replaying the game as Dark Side after I beat it the first time though.

Don’t worry, you’ll get the chance to un-redeem yourself later in the game. I was screwing around and said the wrong thing, and my perfect light side went to the bottom of neutral. Thank god for quicksave.

There was probably some “Kill all the wookies” option though. Maybe you should have just done that.

Fortunately I have no trouble being an evil fuck. :twisted:

And this is the first game I’ve ever played that it was actually gratifying to be evil. I love it!

Good to see I am not the only one who has a hard time being evil. KoTOR was the first game that actually made it hard to resist, some of those dialog choices where incredibly tempting.

At one point I accidently selected one and drew a strange look from the gf as I busted out laughing. KoTOR is definately going to be the first rpg I have ever replayed after finishing.

My oldest boy wanted to be evil but was also having problems making the evil choices. My 12 year old twins seem to have no problems being 100% evil, however.

Got to the Temple at the Unkown Planet yet? I am having serious annoyance problems in the catacombs… Help anyone?

What problems? Can you be more specific?

You may want to slap an additional spoiler warning on your posts, BTW, since the Temple is significantly more than 10-15 hours into the game.




Real prison.

My only real complaint about the handling of “evil” options in KOTOR is that while the designers have done a bang-up job on giving you choices, too often the choice is between a light side option that is also tactically smart, and a dark side option that is either tactically stupid or simply petty. In general, I find that the dark side choices are petty, and that’s really not that satisfying. I mean, if I’m playing dark side I wanna be Darth Wombat, ruler of the marsupial galaxy, not Homey the Clown who kicks puppies or whatever. Gypping widows is petty. Goading families into mass slaughter is psychotic. Helping people solve a problem so that their planet runs smoother, then taking it over and killing any who make trouble, while letting the survivors realize that their generosity led to your power–that’s evil.

I agree 100%. And using the rules of a cool alternate universe, I agree 110%.

Its a combination of people not understanding evil and not wanting to encourage it that ends up misrepresenting it.

We have a game where you can be EVIL!.. nevermind that its not evil you are being.

Gotta love humans.


I totally agree with Wombat.

I don’t want to enslave the Wookies for no good reason. Now, if there was some sort of advantage to doing so - sign me up. But if the chieftain of the wookies is a dick and I want to get back at him, it’s perfectly acceptable for me to insert another chieftain just to get back at him. I don’t care about the wookies either way. I have no investment in Czerka corporation.

Would someone please tell the Olsens to look less slutty for another year or so? I’m trying to avoid thoughtcrime here.

What’s with that picture? They look like lesbians. Incestuous, narcisstic lesbians. It’s kinda gross.

What’s with that picture? They look like lesbians. Incestuous, narcisstic lesbians. It’s kinda gross.[/quote]

You’ve been married too long. :D

They’re like billionaires too! The best jailbait ever…