One Year Later

… so DC has put up their solicitations for March, which is the start of their “One Year Later” event, and I couldn’t be more interested in some of the titles. Mostly because several ongoings are taking the characters where I thought they should have gone a long time ago. Okay, I’m not the HRose comics guy but… Green Arrow as mayor? All me. Aquaman sticking to the oceans as a sort of underwater Knight Arthur? Yay! I didn’t call that it’d be a NEW Aquaman however. As for the rest, maybe the changes to Batman will have me actually buying one of his titles. I hope Supergirl’s addition to the legion of superheroes won’t screw it up, as it is my favorite book right now. I’m a little confused though as to how she can have her own title at the same time in another century though. shrug

I couldnt actually care less about Infinite Crisis now… the main storyline doesnt sound as interesting as these titles.

I’ve read the solicits, and I just keep thinking about the one year ahead event that Image tried to pull back in the 90’s. <shudder>


I cannot help but notice that no Flash title is solicited. Is this because the book’s on hiatus, or because they don’t want to give anything away about who will be the Flash post Inf. Crisis?

The book is ending, but it may not relaunch right away (though if I remember right, it IS relaunching).

DC has stated 2-3 “big things” will happen around June-July. One of these I think has been confirmed as the Wonder Woman relaunch. I’m guessing ( and hoping ) that one of the others is The Flash relaunch.

Geoff Johns made the Flash a very successful comic, didn’t he? I can’t imagine DC would let that one stay cancelled.

But the incessant summer event is beginning to wear me down. Since DC cranks out TPBs so regularly these days, I think I’ll stop buying the monthlies and wait for the TPBs.

I keep thinking I should do that too, since it’s much easier to enjoy a story all at once than a month at a time (and cheaper, in theory). But I can’t help myself.

Also, getting the trade paperback sometimes means more of the story. Some of the IC tie-in tpb’s are shipping with more than just the main issues. The OMAC project contains the crucial Wonder Woman “Sacrifice” issue. Not that I suggest you buy that TPB, because it wasn’t that good of a story anyways.

But I can’t stop buying monthlies. At least not for the smaller series – there’s no telling if a Wildstorm or Vertigo might sell enough originally to get packaged as such. The Winter Men looks cancelled 3 issues in = P