Onimusha 2

A former roommate left this game behind, so I dug it up and started playing it for about an hour and a half last night.

It feels like I’m the lead role in a Japanese kung fu movie. There are two elements that really enhance that feeling:

  1. Incredibly gorgeous artwork, costumes and sets.
  2. Odd Engrish and voice over-dubbing.

The game doesn’t seem too deep, but that suits me lately. Hack and slash, simple controls. The movement controls are bad: Up to sprint forward, left and right on the d-pad to rotate, down to step backwords. No analog movement.

The overall feel is a lot like the old Sierra adventure games, but with a little hack-n-slash to keep things moving. It’s not so much a game as it is an interactive movie.

Wow, thanks for the infodump about this new indie game. I hear that there’s something called “Resident Evil” coming out soon. Can you give us a sneak preview of that?

The last two games I’ve played were (in order) System Shock 2 and The Ur-Quan Masters.

Hell, the last NEW game I bought was Metroid Zero, a re-make of an ancient classic on a woefully out-of-date platform.

By being even less up-to-date than your sarcasm suggests I thus end up looking cooler than you with my iconoclastic un-hip-ness. ;) ;) ;) ;)

I actually don’t remember hearing anything about this game when it came out, and I think I even owned my PS2 back then.

Don’t worry Rimbo…you belong to a unvocal elite crowd of hardcore gamers who do not push the technological egde in any shape or form.

I call ourselves Value Gamers…and I just bought Morrowind for 12.99…

Great game, horrid controls. Anyone making a game using a D-Pad for movement should be dragged into the street and capped in the head Fallout style. This isn’t 1995, people.

Yeah, I’m one too. My motto: “$19.99 and it’s all mine”. But really, $2.00 is my price-point. I’ll buy anything for $2.00. I just picked up 5 game-gear games at TRU for $2.00 each in their bargain bin. I wasn’t aware that “portable playtime” gaming had come so far.

the problem is that i have no money

I live off trade in’s.